Best indie games on Xbox One 2022: The top independent games for Microsoft's console

A superb RPG that lets you take your own path, however ruinously it goes. (image credit: ZA/UM)
An amazing platformer that lets you explore the underground. (image credit: Team Cherry)
A great story that's accompanied by truly memorable visuals. (image credit: Campo Santo)
A brilliant set of stories that come together into an affecting web. (image credit: Giant Sparrow)
A game that's like a warm hug, Stardew Valley is so welcoming and lovely to play. (image credit: ConcernedApe)
An amazing ride from start to finish, Inside is a game that deserves to be played without knowing much about it. (image credit: Playdead)
Learn to climb a mountain and pass through some amazing platforming puzzles. (image credit: Matt Makes Games)
A brilliant little game that will have you thinking like a naughty goose in no time. (image credit: Panic/House House)
A great hark back to Zelda games of yore, with its own twists and good combat. (image credit: Acid Nerve)
Excellent, quick-fire action is paired with great storytelling to make a potent blend. (image credit: Supergiant Games)