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(Pocket-lint) - If you're looking to place your Xbox One horizontally or provide it with more space for airflow, employing a dedicated stand is the best solution.

Doing so allows you to mix up how you place the console into your gaming setup, and potentially lets it perform cooler and without fan restrictions.

However, before you select the first Xbox One stand that meets your eye, it's important to understand which variant of the console you actually own. This is because the original Xbox One isn't officially designed to stand vertically - though there are options out there to explore - whereas the Xbox One X and Xbox One S can do so without encountering issues. 

We'll get into the nitty-gritty regarding how this works with the tried and tested picks below, but, aside from this, just keep in mind exactly what you prioritise in a stand and how much you're willing to spend. 

Let's jump in and detail the top Xbox One stands you can pick up right now.

Best Xbox One stands available today

PowerABest Xbox One stands 2021: Give your console more ventilation or turn it vertical photo 3

PowerA Console Stand For Xbox One S


While Microsoft doesn't recommend you placing older models of the Xbox One on their side, PowerA's officially licensed stand is ideal for owners of the One S.

It's fairly no-frills, but, when the function is this basic, less is very much more. It feels very sturdy when locked in place, and an accidental bump won't see it topple.

It also features clever little ventilation holes for the side of your console, meaning you shouldn't experience overheating issues.

OivoBest Xbox One stands 2021: Give your console more ventilation or turn it vertical photo 4

Oivo Vertical Cooling Stand for Xbox One


For those who want more than just a vertical stand for their Xbox One, Oivo has a multifunctional unit that should appease. 

It can accommodate and keep cool all three versions of the Xbox One, thanks to the included rails, with a controller charging station, storage for 12 games and a USB hub all packed in, too.

There's plenty going on here, and we found it to be a really handy way to save some space on our cramped gaming desk setup.

Elm GameBest Xbox One stands 2021: Give your console more ventilation or turn it vertical photo 5

Elm Game Console Stand for Xbox One S


It may not have the official seal of approval from Microsoft, but we still found this vertical stand for Xbox One S consoles to be a solid solution.

The cooling fans at the base mean you won't have to deal with overheating problems, and it can also charge multiple devices at once thanks to the trio of USB ports. 

It's not particularly high-tech, but it does the job and adds in a neat bit of charging functionality. 

GlistcoBest Xbox One stands 2021: Give your console more ventilation or turn it vertical photo 6

Glistco Horizontal Stand for Xbox One X


Not every stand has to offer vertical support, and Glistco's horizontal number is ideal for users who just require a bit of basic elevation.

With the four feet able to be snapped onto each corner of an Xbox One X console, it means users are easily able to stack multiple consoles or media players without hampering airflow.

It's a basic solution, granted, but it actually really helps cramped desks look a bit more thought out - all while having practical benefits.

MyLifeUnitBest Xbox One stands 2021: Give your console more ventilation or turn it vertical photo 7

MyLifeUnit Xbox One Vertical Stand


The original Xbox One is not designed to stand vertically, which is why you typically won't find stands for it - and certainly not with Microsoft's approval.

However, they do exist. MyLifeUnit's offering does exactly what it sets out to, with the Xbox One console fitting perfectly and remaining sturdy even when bumped or knocked. 

However, it's fairly common to experience issues with prolonged vertical use - not to mention the disc tray rarely working. We'd only really recommend it for gamers who don't require disc tray use or those who are desperate for space and are willing to accept the risk.

ADZBest Xbox One stands 2021: Give your console more ventilation or turn it vertical photo 8

ADZ Xbox One Vertical Stand


ADZ's stand for the original Xbox One comes with the same caveats as the model detailed above in this guide - and that means taking a risk if you wish to employ it and the use of the disc tray when vertical.

In terms of getting what you pay for, it's excellent. There are pockets to aid ventilation, and the fit is secure enough to withstand mild contact. It's simple, but it works.

However, again, we'd only really recommend vertical use of this Xbox One design if you're not going to use the disc tray.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published on 11 May 2021.