(Pocket-lint) - The Xbox Series X is finally out, along with its smaller sibling the Xbox Series S, which means that next-generation gaming is finally upon us, at long last.

Whether it's higher frame rates, more lifelike graphics, or higher resolutions, they'll unlock loads more potential for videogames over the years to come, but if you're picking one up soon you might be on the lookout for some nice accessories to improve your experience. We've gathered some of the very best for you, right here. 

Our pick of the best Xbox Series X and S accessories to buy today


Venom Twin Charging Dock


Something that continues to rankle despite the progress Xbox has made is that its controllers still ship with AA batteries as the default power supply - meaning you have to swap them out when they're drained.

That can all change with this twin pack of rechargeable packs, and a dual charging dock, which means that you can always have a controller on hand waiting for use. 


Steelseries Arctis 9X


Having a next-gen console is all well and good, but if your games' sound is coming out of tinny TV speakers it won't feel all that premium. 

Getting a top-quality headset can make a massive difference to your immersion in story-driven games, as well as giving you a big competitive advantage in multiplayer titles, so it's definitely something you should consider. This pair from Steelseries is the best you can get for a new Xbox in our opinion.  


Xbox Wireless Controller


Of course, when you buy a new console, including the Series X or S, you get a controller bundled in, but that's no help for anyone interested in some couch co-op. 

Getting another controller is a must, and the newest Xbox controller is an outstanding candidate for most people's needs. It's got a new D-pad design and more texture, plus a handy share button, but is in most other ways unchanged. That's good, though! This is one of the best pad designs ever. 


Seagate 1TB Storage Expansion Card


This is something that almost any gamer will see value in, even if it's phenomenally expensive at present - more storage! If you want to get more internal storage on your new Xbox Series X or S this is the only game in town.

It slots simply into the back of the console, giving you way more room for games, but at a hefty price that most people will probably balk at. 


Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2


When it comes to controllers for your Xbox Series X or S, there's only one choice if you're looking for something more professional - the Elite Series 2.

This lets you customize your experience and adds extra buttons for greater control, and is perfect if you're getting serious in a multiplayer game. It's a game-changing bit of kit, even if it costs double the price of a regular controller. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.