(Pocket-lint) - The Xbox One has been a superb console, and thanks to Microsoft's all-inclusive ideas about the next generation of console gaming, looks set to be a mainstay for a few more years, even with the Xbox Series X and S out now. 

Like most games consoles, though, as you get used to the Xbox One, whether it's a powerful Xbox One X, or a sleek Xbox One S, there are some things you'll notice that could be improved. A few simple accessories can make a huge difference to your experience of your Xbox. We've gathered some of the very best available, right here. 

Our pick of the best Xbox accessories to buy today


Xbox One Play and Charge Kit


For all that we love the Xbox One, it frustrates us to this day that its controllers come with AA battery packs by default, which get expensive or fiddly quick.

This charging pack from Microsoft takes care of the problem, giving you longer batterlife that's easily recharged with the included cable, which is also of really good quality. 


AmazonBasics charging cable


Whether you've got that rechargeable battery or not, there will be times when you need to plug in your controller while you play, and a good cable is a must.

If you just want a new cable, then, Amazon's cheap range will do the trick nicely, and a long version will make sure that you have plenty of room to move around.


Vertical Stand


How you arrange your consoles will depend on a whole bunch of factors around your space and TV stand, but for many people being able to stand them vertically would be really useful.

This stand is one of a few you can find, with version to fit every Xbox One model, letting you stand them up without worrying about toppling over. 


KontrolFreek FPS Freek Galaxy Performance Thumbsticks


The Xbox One controller is absolutely brilliant without any changes, but after a while, you might find yourself wanting some extra control and precision on the thumbsticks.

If so, KontrolFreek has a whole heap of different styles to pick from. We like this pattern for its texture and grippiness, but others can help in different ways.


Logitech G920


Racing wheels are a bit of tech that many people might consider overkill if they're looking for a simple good time on a driving game.

If you want to take your immersion to the next level, though, in the likes of Forza Horizon 4 or Project Cars 3, there's nothing quite like a wheel and pedal combo. This set from Logitech is as good as they come, although it's got a price to match. 


Razer Atrox


If you're at all into your fighting games you'll know that a fighting stick is basically essential to take you to a new level of skill.

Standard controllers just don't cut it. This stick from Razer, though, is a beauty, with great build quality and fully swappable controls that let you set it up exactly as you want. It's really pricey, obviously, but it's for the enthusiast market. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Dan Grabham.