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(Pocket-lint) - So you want an Xbox — and fair play to you. Whether you've already got another games console, or want to try one out for the first time, Microsoft's line of consoles is a great place to start.

That said, there are quite a few versions of the Xbox One to choose between, and you'll find all of them offer a range of different bundled deals. They might come with games included, extra controllers or accessories, and any number of other combinations. 

Don't know which Xbox to get? Check out our feature on the different versions here: 

With that confusion in mind, we've rounded up the best Xbox bundles on the market right now for you, according to the different types of Xbox One available - although, with the Xbox Series X around the corner, stock is becoming increasingly limited on these bundles - if you see one in stock, you might want to jump on it! Read on to see what you should pick. 

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Xbox One X bundles


First up is the biggest beast of them all — for now, and until Microsoft and Sony's next-generation consoles hit the scene in Holidays 2020, it's the most powerful console on the market.

The Xbox One X is the default choice if you're big into your 4K gaming, and want your console games to look as good as they possibly can. Below you'll find some great bundles for this potent bit of kit. 

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Xbox One X Gears 5 Limited Edition


Bundles are often the source of some of the more striking limited edition console designs, and this is no exception. If you're plumping for a Microsoft console, chances are that you're eager to play some Gears of War, arguably its greatest exclusive franchise. To coincide with the release of Gears 5, the latest game in the series, this bundle gives you an impressively-designed console to show off your allegiance.

On top of that, you'll get digital versions of every Gears of War game to play through the whole series — ideal. 

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Xbox One S bundles


If the bulkiness of the Xbox One X isn't your style, or if you just want to spend a bit less cash, the slimmed-down version of the Xbox One, the Xbox One S, is still a superb bit of kit.

It won't give you 4K gaming, but still packs a 4K Blu-Ray player and is actually really quite attractive on a TV stand.

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Xbox One S Two Controller Bundle


There's something inherently annoying about getting a new console and not being able to share it with anyone until you spend a chunk of money on a second controller.  

This bundle will let you sidestep that angst by throwing in a second controller right off the bat. That means you can get split-screening right away. 

Xbox One S Gears 5 Bundle


Another Gears bundle, once again throwing in every game in the series so that you can play them all through from beginning to end, this one comes with the Xbox One S, if you'd prefer to enjoy the chunky games on a slim console. 

The bundle also comes with a month's Xbox Live Gold membership, meaning that you can hop online for some brutal deathmatches straight away, or enjoy Gears of Wars' famous Horde mode with friends. 

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Xbox One S All-Digital Edition bundles


Maybe you want a console that's slimmer than slim, though. Microsoft's latest, and likely final version of the Xbox One is the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition (a bit of a mouthful, we'd agree). If you've already got a Blu-Ray player, or have limited shelf space available, we're won over by this dinky little number.

It runs as quietly as can be, and with the addition of digital game codes and Game Pass Ultimate you won't find yourself missing physical games one little bit. The big upside is also that, especially during Black Friday, some huge savings were available on this version of the console, so do keep an eye out for price reductions. 

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Microsoft Xbox One S All-Digital Edition and three games


The Xbox One S All-Digital edition is a little lighter on bundle deals at the moment, partly because it's already a really well-priced console. The most prominent deal available is a good one, though, bundling three great family-friendly games with the console.

You'll get your console and a controller, along with Minecraft, Fortnite and Sea of Thieves. That should be enough to keep you going for quite some time. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 31 December 2019.