Best Xbox One games 2022: Top titles that every Xbox One S and X owner should play

One of the best ever RPGs, The Witcher 3 is a simply outstanding game that excels on the Xbox. (image credit: CD Projekt RED / The Witcher III: Wild Hunt)
A triumph of detail. There's no finer gaming environment to get lost in. (image credit: Rockstar)
A brilliant return to form for Xbox's biggest series. (image credit: Xbox / 343 Industries)
A great off-kilter adventure that has you wield some crazy powers by the end. (image credit: Remedy)
The most refreshing RPG to come out in years, with true freedom at its heart. (image credit: ZA/UM)
An amazing driving game that has an open world of the highest quality. (image credit: Xbox)
A beautiful little indie platformer that has gained a huge fanbase. (image credit: Team Cherry)
The most fast-paced and satisfying shooter you can find. (image credit: Bethesda)
A stealth game that lets you take charge of every part of your assassinations. (image credit: IO Interactive / Square Enix)
A great new addition to a huge franchise, Valhalla offers so much to do and see. (image credit: Ubisoft)