Summer is here!

You know what that means? It's time to sit inside all day and play Steam.

Steam has announced that 12,845 games are now on sale as part of its annual summer sale, which is called the Steam Summer Picnic Sale this year. It went live at 10 am PST on 23 June and will last until 4 July. You'll find lots of great deals on some of the most popular PC games today, and you'll even notice steep discounts on Steam hardware.

We've rounded up the most notable sales and listed them all below.

Steam's summer sale: Game deals

NBA 2K16 - $11.99 (80 per cent off)

Call of Duty - 50 to 67 per cent off every game and bundle in franchise

Assassin's Creed - 35 to 75 per cent off every game

Fallout 4 - $29.99 (50 per cent off)

Doom - $35.99 (40 per cent off)

Dark Souls 3 - $44.99 (25 per cent off)

Deus Ex - 75 per cent off every game

Hotline Miami 2 - $3.74 (75 per cent off)

Steam's summer sale: VR game deals

Cloudlands: VR Mini Golf - $9.99 (50 per cent off)

Hover Junkers - $24.49 (30 per cent off)

Audioshield - $14.99 (25 per cent off)

Space Pirate Trainer - $12.74 (15 per cent off)

Steam's summer sale: Hardware discounts

Steam Link - $34.99 (30 per cent off)

Steam Controller - $34.99 (30 per cent off)