Best shooters on PS5 2022: Amazing shooting games on PlayStation 5

Deathloop is a pure joy to play through for the first time, figuring out its riddles and secrets. (image credit: Bethesda)
A brilliant, depraved tale that lets you take action, but sometimes renders you powerless. (image credit: Capcom)
You'll have to move quickly and decisively if you want to make it through Returnal. (image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment / Housemarque)
With loads of weapons to choose from, this is a fun romp. (image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)
This sniping game is the culmination of all the series has been working towards. (image credit: Rebellion)
A huge map to explore with your friends, all in pursuit of glory. (image credit: Activision)
This is multiplayer shooting to rattle your nerves and send you soaring when you win. (image credit: Ubisoft)
A shooter that's so quick-paced you might get a bit stresseed out. (image credit: Bethesda)
A tough journey that will take you to a range of impressive locations. (image credit: Deep Silver)
A playground to go wild in, you can carve up this island with explosions and revolutionary zeal. (image credit: Ubisoft)