Best platforming games on PS4: Amazing platformers for your PlayStation 4

A platformer that will get your blood pumping as you move through challenging obstacle courses. (image credit: Matt Makes Games)
A brilliant remake that breathes new life into a classic platformer. (image credit: Sony Computer Entertainment / Insomniac Games)
A great new platformer that has a really fun movement system. (image credit: Sumo Digital / Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Spyro returns to the forefront of gaming with these excellent and loving remasters. (image credit: Activision)
Shovel Knight has everything that made the best retro games a classic, and has become one of its own. (image credit: Yacht Club Games)
A twisted story that doesn't take long to play, Inside is extremely memorable. (image credit: Playdead)
Dead Cells is a great time, and you'll definitely get sucked into trying just one more run each time you play. (image credit: Motion Twin)
A great classic platformer, this game makes us wonder why we still haven't got a new Rayman game. (image credit: Ubisoft)
A lovely game that we wish went on longer, Steamworld Dig 2 has a delightful sense of mystery to it. (image credit: Image & Form)
A beautiful, melancholy platformer that rewards you the more you push through it. (image credit: Team Cherry)