Best indie games for PS4 2022: The best independently-published titles for PlayStation 4

The best writing in any recent game, and total freedom to craft your own path through a mystery. (image credit: ZA/UM)
A brilliant roguelike that holds no prisoners but incentivises you with excellent story beats. (image credit: Supergiant Games)
A great movement-based exploration game that has lovely sights to see. (image credit: Giant Squid)
A great adventure game with a gentle story and gorgeous locations. (image credit: Campo Santo)
A brilliant game that has legions of fans thanks to its beautiful looks. (image credit: Thatgamecompany)
A simply superb game full of short vignettes about an unlucky family. (image credit: Giant Sparrow)
A brilliant, macabre short game that will live with you afterward. (image credit: Playdead)
A platformer that's tough but totally fair. (image credit: Matt Makes Games)
An amazing subterranean world to explore and loads of bosses to conquer. (image credit: Team Cherry)
There's nothing quite as calming as Stardew Valley, or as wholesome. (image credit: ConcernedApe)