Best shooters on PS4: Amazing FPS and third-person shooters for PlayStation 4

This shooter delivers some of the purest fun you could ask for, at a breakneck pace. (image credit: Bethesda)
Return to the Wild West and get ready for a shootout. (image credit: Rockstar)
Metro Exodus offers up a great journey punctuated by excellent combat encounters. (image credit: Deep Silver)
A great multiplayer shooter that emphasises teamwork and looks really brilliant. (image credit: EA / DICE)
Hunt is a unique multiplayer experience that some people will absolutely love. (image credit: Crytek)
With a revolutionary zeal, Far Cry 6 offers up a huge playground to have massive fights in. (image credit: Ubisoft)
A truly great shooter campaign is married to a brilliant multiplayer portion. (image credit: Respawn Entertainment)
Perfect for action-horror fans, Village has plenty of ace shooting. (image credit: Capcom)
An amazing, fun and moving story that jets around the world. (image credit: Naughty Dog / Sony)