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(Pocket-lint) - No matter which PlayStation 4 variation you have in your gaming setup, it's always handy to have the option to pair it with a dedicated vertical stand.

By doing so, gamers can typically save space while also increasing airflow and avoiding fan issues. And since most of the tried and tested options below offer some kind of charging station for your PS4 controller and perhaps even storage for your collection of PS4 games, these are much more than single-purpose units.

Before diving in and selecting the first PlayStation 4 stand you set eyes on, however, it's important to understand a couple of things. First, you need to know whether you have the original PS4, the PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro, since not every stand can accommodate every console. 

Next, you need to figure out whether you need all the bells and whistles involved with most PS4 stands, or whether you can get by with just a simple vertical stand.

Once you have those two things solved, you'll then need to find a stand that fits into your budget - although, spoiler alert, the asking price is generally very similar between different products.

With all that in mind, let's explore some of the very best PS4 stands you can buy.

What are the best PS4 stands?

  1. Oivo PS4 Stand & Cooling Fan Station
  2. Younik Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim
  3. Pecham Vertical Stand for PS4
  4. Beboncool PS4 Stand & Cooling Fan
  5. Fastsnail Vertical Stand for PS4 Pro

Our Top Pick: Best PS4 Stands

OivoBest PS4 stands 2021: Give your console more room to breathe or turn it upright photo 3



  • Fits every type of PS4
  • Plenty of room for storage


  • Won't be for every user

If you don't mind having a larger unit on your desk or gaming space, Oivo's is an excellent multifunctional unit that can hold your console upright, charge your controllers and store games. 

It's designed to work with all PS4 variations - with the included rails helping hold certain models tighter in place than others - and keep the console cool during use. The controller dock also holds two controllers, restoring them to full battery in around 2-3 hours.

This does mean the entire unit requires an outlet or a spare PS4 USB port in order to run, but it's an excellent way to condense your setup.

PS4 stands we also recommend

We love the Oivo option detailed above because of its ability to fit all three PS4 consoles and pack in a ton of storage options, but we also know that it won't be the right fit for everyone searching for a stand. That's why we recommend checking out the rest of our picks.

YounikBest PS4 stands 2021: Give your console more room to breathe or turn it upright photo 7

Younik Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim



  • Simple, sturdy and effective stand


  • Limited to the PS4 Slim

Not every stand has to provide next-level functionality; sometimes you just want a basic stand that keeps your console vertical.

With Younik's offering, you get exactly that. There's no charging station or storage for games, but it is able to easily and steadily hold PS4 Slim systems in place.

The design is neat, with slots allowing for ample airflow, and the non-slip feet and tight fit mean that even the odd accidental knock didn't see it move out of place.

PechamBest PS4 stands 2021: Give your console more room to breathe or turn it upright photo 6

Pecham Vertical Stand for PS4



  • Great way to save some space


  • Not for PS4 Pro users

Pecham dials things back when compared to other PS4 media units on this list, but there's still enough here for those who want more than just a basic stand.

On the downside, it's only able to house the original PS4 and the PS4 Slim, but owners of those consoles are able to enjoy the design's cooling fans, two-controller charging dock and trio of USB ports. 

It's sturdy, doesn't take up too much room and is a great way to consolidate the cables and clutter around your setup.

BeboncoolBest PS4 stands 2021: Give your console more room to breathe or turn it upright photo 4



  • Fits every type of PS4
  • An incredible amount of storage


  • Some will want a simpler stand
  • LEDs are slightly jarring

Beboncool has plenty of great PlayStation accessories, and this dedicated stand and cooling station is another example of its affordable and functional wares. 

Like others, it does plenty more than just hold your console upright, with storage for 16 games, a charging station for two controllers and the ability to keep your PS4, PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro cool throughout use.

The charging indicator LEDs on the front aren't really to our taste, but we can't argue that this is a great way to save space and keep your setup tidy. 

FastsnailBest PS4 stands 2021: Give your console more room to breathe or turn it upright photo 8

Fastsnail Vertical Stand for PS4 Pro



  • Efficient, balanced storage


  • Doesn't fit every PS4 console

For PS4 Pro fans who want a midway point between a basic stand and some of the bigger, all-in-one storage units, Fastsnail's offering has the ideal solution. 

Featuring three USB ports, charging support for two DualShock 4 controllers (including handy LED indicators) and a fan cooling system built into the base, it brings a great balance we think most gamers can accommodate.

Like Pecham's stand, it's a really tidy way of gaining some extra functionality while not allowing your console and controllers to take over your entire desk.

Other products we considered

In trying to compile a list of the best PS4 stands available, we spent hours testing and researching. We consider a range of factors when it comes to recommending these products - and also when a new device enters our top five selections. This isn't just our own testing, either, but also consumer reviews, brand quality and value.

In all of our roundups, there are also many products we test that don't make the final cut. Since they may be the right fit for some people, however, we've listed them below.

How to choose a PlayStation 4 stand

While the concept of a stand for your PlayStation 4 isn't exactly a difficult one to wrap your head around, there are still a few things we'd advise checking off your list before simply selecting the first one that you come across. In this section, we'll offer some pointers to those looking for the perfect solution.

Which PS4 do you own?

We've mentioned this in our introduction, but it bears repeating: since each variation of the PS4 is a different shape, many stands on the market aren't universal and won't fit your console. This means you'll have to know which model you own, or opt for a stand that fits all three shapes. Luckily, there are also a good amount of dedicated moulds for each console, as well, for those who don't like the look of a universal stand.

How much room do you have?

Some of these stands are bigger than you'd expect - especially, of course, if they're able to hold games and controllers. With that in mind, we'd suggest checking out the measurements for stands you're considering and making sure they fit in your gaming space. It might be that you can do without the storage section for games, say, and instead put them in a drawer on your desk and save even more room. 

Consider how much you actually need a stand

We're not trying to deter you from picking up a stand here, but it is definitely worth considering whether you're truly going to save space with one. In our experience, some options simply force you to move things around, rather than actually remain efficient with your peripherals. Every gaming setup is different, of course, and you may just like the idea of everything being in one place, but understand that not every stand is right for your needs.

More about this story

Every product in this list has been tested in real-life situations, just as you would use it in your day-to-day life.

When it comes to testing PS4 stands, the testing process is relatively straightforward. We're always testing for our dedicated PlayStation game reviews and PlayStation buyer's guides, so fitting different variations of the console onto dedicated stands has simply become a part of that process.

However, that doesn't mean we only tested the picks detailed above in a passive sense. We've lived with them all for at least a couple of weeks at a time in order to get a good idea of how they perform, and for which kind of setup each is suited to. We also grade each model on design, value for money and aesthetics.

As with any roundup or product area, though, it's simply possible to cover everything in detail. To ensure we do our very best in this regard, we lean on the reviews, experiences and opinions of the wider Pocket-lint team - as well as thoroughly assessing the areas above.

What we always tend to avoid in our buyer's guides are spec comparisons and marketing lines. We just want to provide an easy to understand summary that gives you an idea of what each product is like to use. Our verdicts are concise, but this is purely in the interest of brevity. 

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