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(Pocket-lint) - The PlayStation 4 is an absolute beast of a console, even if the PS5 is now on the scene to take its place as the most powerful hardware Sony's made so far. The PS4 has played host to some of the most impressive and immersive games ever made, and there are still classic new titles releasing all the time.

So, whether you've been using a PS4 for years or are about to pick one up for the first time to play through some recent hall of fame contenders, you might be on the lookout for cables that could help your experience be smoother. We've gathered a handy selection right here, across a bunch of different types. 

Our guide to the best PlayStation 4 cables around today

CorpCoBest PS4 cable 2021: Charge your accessories the easy way photo 8

CorpCo 6ft AC Power Cord for Sony Playstation 4


It might not be that obvious if you've just bought a new console, but many of us will have had issues at one time or another finding a lost power cable for our PS4.

After all, without a power supply, you're not going to be able to do anything at all. This replacement cable works great with the PS4 and will plug into your wall for exactly the right amount of power, letting you get on with gaming. 

AmazonBest PS4 cable 2021: Charge your accessories the easy way photo 7

Amazon Basics PlayStation 4 Controller Charging Cable


Another common issue for many gamers is their controller running out of battery, and this great twin-pack of cables solves it easily.

With great build-quality and 6-foot long cables, they're perfect for carrying on gaming while your pads charge, and are durable enough to take some punishment, too. 

6amLifestyleBest PS4 cable 2021: Charge your accessories the easy way photo 4

PS4 Controller Charger


Those who've used a few cables in their time will know that there's nothing quite as impressive as a braided one, though. This design is more tangle-resistant and flexible, and can look really great, too.

That makes this twin-pack a great alternative for controller cables if you're keen for a slightly more premium feel for your cable. 

PowerABest PS4 cable 2021: Charge your accessories the easy way photo 3

PowerA USB Charging Cable


PowerA makes some of the best accessories for consoles of all stripes anywhere on the market, from controllers to cases and more. It's no surprise, then, that it has a controller cable ready for your PS4.

True to form, it's really high-quality and reliable, and while it might not be the cheapest cable on this list, it might just be the one that's most likely to satisfy. 

KoowodBest PS4 cable 2021: Charge your accessories the easy way photo 2

PS4 Controller Charger Charging Cable


Another pair of cables with a braided finish, these are great if you want a slightly different colour for your setup. If you have a red or white controller, in particular, these will suit them down to the ground.

Beyond that, they're nice and long and once again should be fairly hardy, so they're a bit of a no-brainer!

ElgatoBest PS4 cable 2021: Charge your accessories the easy way photo 1

Elgato Chat Link


This one is a bit more of a niche option, but if you're getting into livestreaming it could be a lifesaver. Hooking up a microphone to record your party audio for a stream can be really hit-and-miss, but this clever splitter lets you do so right from your controller. 

It makes it super easy to get not just your voice but your whole party's, making those epic momenst even more memorable and funny. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Dan Grabham.