Best PS5 games 2022: Amazing PlayStation 5 titles to pick up

Perhaps the most evocative and impressive visual powerhouse on the PS5. (image credit: BluePoint Games)
A dazzling, gorgeous game that shows what the PS5 can really do. (image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)
If you can tough out how difficult it is, there's a lot to love here. (image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment / Housemarque)
Perhaps the most cinematic and impressive game of recent years. (image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment / Naughty Dog)
This is pure schlocky fun, with camp villains and outrageous scares to be found. (image credit: Capcom)
A wonderful JRPG that tells a twisty, heartwarming story. (image credit: Bandai Namco)
A lovely little Spider-Man game that has a great story and smooth-as-silk gameplay. (image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Hades is a masterpiece of storytelling, with super-tight gameplay to hold it together. (image credit: Supergiant Games)
If you love solving puzzles, this is a great whodunnit. (image credit: Modern Storyteller)
Another puzzle-box of a game, Deathloop has action and improvisation at its heart. (image credit: Bethesda)