With PlayStation having been a part of our lives for two decades, you can bet that every single person will have their own choice for which games character they love the best. The Original PlayStation console came out on 3 December 1994 and since then we have had hundreds of lead characters we've played as and loved across all Sony's machines, from the PlayStation to the PS4.

Imagine therefore how hard a task we found it to come up with just 20 characters that have appeared on PlayStation consoles in that time? We limited ourselves to 20 to celebrate the 20th anniversary, but wish we hadn't in some ways.

We even had to double up the obvious pairings - the ones that appeared in the same game(s) together. And you might notice one or two that appeared on multiple platforms. However, they either appeared on a PlayStation console first or became most associated with a Sony machine.

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You might have your own favourites that we've missed out - in which case please feel free to use the comments section below to let us know which characters you fell in love with over the years. But we do think that every character in our gallery is a true PlayStation all-star (even if they might not have actually appeared in the eponymous fighting game).

So, in no particular order, flick through the gallery above and relive some of those great memories.