Best PS4 games 2022: Ranking the PlayStation 4 titles every gamer should play

The pinnacle of cinematic storytelling in games - an absolute must-play for PlayStation owners. (image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment / Naughty Dog)
An excellent remake that makes the PSOne classic feel like an entirely new game. (image credit: Square Enix)
Incredible depth and attention to detail are present in this sequel. (image credit: Rockstar)
Compelling storytelling meets excellent game mechanics in this classic PlayStation title. (image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)
A mature instalment in the series - one that's perhaps the best action-adventure game on the console. (image credit: Sony/Naughty Dog)
The magic of Spider-Man is captured perfectly in this edition - a must-play for fans of the comic book. (image credit: Sony Computer Interactive Entertainment)
A surprise hit that provides you with a well-balanced adventure. (image credit: Remedy)
No matter which console you play it on, this is one of the best games of all time. (image credit: CD Projekt RED / The Witcher III: Wild Hunt)