Just got yourself a shiny new PS4? Not got enough games to keep you busy into the wee small Christmas hours? Here are five indie games you can download right now. We use the word "can" but what we really mean is you "should".

Doki-Doki Universe

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Welcome to the Doki-Doki Universe where you control a robot called Model QT3 who was left on an asteroid by his human family 11,432 days ago. In order to avoid being recalled for lack of personality you must travel the universe taking fun virtual personality tests. You can get your personality report on your home planet, which you can decorate, and even visit those of your friends.

Doki-Doki Universe is $15 (£9) and is out now for PS4, PS3, PS Vita and PSP. For that you get 18 Story Planets and 15 Additional Personality Quizzes.


Enter a side-scrolling cylindrical loop world that’s rendered from tens of thousands of shaded, colourful, dancing cubes. Littered with all manner of spaceship enemies - shake, stir and prepare to get your arcade shooter hat on. And turn it up loud as the score sounds like Hans Zimmer doing Japanese techno.

You can fly up, down, left or right using the DualShock 4’s left stick, while shooting left or right is catered for via the right stick. The controller’s triggers handle boost, bombs, "overdrive" and picking up and throwing those little green humans to try and keep them safe.

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Resogun on the PS4 will cost you £12.79 and for that you’ll get a game as immersive and addictive as a full price PS4 title. Not just a great indie game but a great game in itself.

Trine 2: Complete Story

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This side-scrolling action platform puzzle game, from Frozenbyte, tests your skills with three characters. Each player has unique abilities that must be used in combination to complete the levels. These three players can also be played in co-operative gaming mode. This allows you to play through the levels with the help of your friends – you can put your minds together for solving puzzles, clearing obstacles in your path, and you can join forces when fighting dangerous foes.

There are now 50 trophies in Trine 2: Complete Story for you to earn. Getting a complete list is no mean feat. But with it all in 1080p at 60 frames per second and in 3D you’ll enjoy taking on the challenge.

The Complete Story edition is the latest patch update for the most up-to-date version of the game on PS4. It costs £14.49 or if you’re a PS Plus subscriber its £11.59.


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The 2009 release of Flower on the PS3 redefined the boundaries of interactive entertainment. If offered an experience based on emotion rather than complex gameplay. The PS4 version is just as good.

Each chapter starts with a plant sitting silently on the sill of an apartment. Selecting the plant identifies the theme of a dream that will follow. These start with a single flower petal which is controlled by titling the DualShock 4 and holding a button to create a draught. The new controller offers smoother controls than ever before.

As your petal comes into contact with other flowers it blossoms into a colourful chain that follows behind the initial stray plant part. Collecting specific vegetation unlocks pivotal events throughout the dream, and as the game progresses, the small apartment becomes more vivid and lifelike alongside the world outside of the room’s window.

Each individual experience is beautifully different telling a different tale, open to interpretation. To try something new and open your eyes to a different type of gaming get Flower on the PSN for only £6.50.

Pinball Arcade

Pinball Arcade, which does what you'd imagine a game with that title would do, is very popular. But before you presume this doesn’t take advantage of next-gen powers we should probably say this game is all about the new lighting and physics engine.

The table alone has over 100 points of light designed for flashing on and off as the game is played. There are also lots of realtime light reflections from the glass and chrome all over the table.

There are 22 tables available at launch, with the first one, Tales of the Arabian Nights, available free of charge. That's a decent deal, and you can get the rest of the tables for about $27 (£16) or so, maybe even less if you bought them before.