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(Pocket-lint) - We love horror games at Pocket-lint - there's nothing quite like the fear that a truly terrifying game can inspire, making your palms sweaty and your heart rate unhealthy.

There are loads of great horror titles on the Nintendo Switch, in particular, because of a series of excellent ports of some classics from years gone by. We've brought together a selection of the very best options available right here.

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What are the best horror games on Nintendo Switch?

  1. Alien Isolation
  2. Signalis
  3. Amnesia Collection
  4. Resident Evil 4
  5. Outlast: Bundle of Terror
  6. Resident Evil Origins Collection

Alien Isolation

One of the best horror games ever was ported to the Switch a couple of years ago with great success - this is a great way to play an iconic title.


You'll skulk around trying to hide and flee from a lone Alien that's more threatening than anything in the myriad of other Alien games that have come out. There's so much tension and a really convincing level design ethos. Prepare to be scared.


This throwback horror game puts you in the shoes of an android called Elster, waking up in a crashed ship on an unfamiliar planet and trying to figure out what on earth is going on.

The visuals are a retro delight, and the gameplay is super engaging, but be prepared to be properly freaked out - things get pretty unhinged in this scary little game.

Amnesia Collection

Another horror classic is Amnesia: The Dark Descent - we still have fond memories of the fear it inspired the first time we played it on PC. It's been ported to the Switch along with a couple of sequels, perfect for those who want bang for their buck.

You'll be amazed by its canny sanity system, which makes you feel weirder and weirder the more you see scary things or stay in the dark, and by the twists that its eerie story takes.

Resident Evil 4

Another excellent porting of a horror classic, this time we've got probably the most influential Resident Evil game ever, a title that changed how people looked at both the series and the horror genre. With more action than players were used to, it isn't the scariest game ever, but still packs in some classic moments.

You'll have to manage your inventory carefully, and learn how to fight off enemies efficiently unless you want to run out of ammo and fend for yourself without a gun. Plus, the storyline is pure pulpy fun.


Outlast: Bundle of Terror

Now this is a game that will live long in the memory, a terrifying journey into a depraved institution that will haunt your dreams if you play it too much. With the game's DLC bundled in, you've got hours of creepy dread to sink into.

Outlast involves a lot of using a handheld camera's night vision mode to see, and that makes for a truly horrendous perspective when you start to encounter evil as you sneak around.

Resident Evil Origins Collection

Returning to Resident Evil, this is a great way to play a couple of older titles that have been lovingly updated to be a bit more modern, letting you see the stories that started off the franchise without needing an emulator and a lot of patience.

The controls are still a little clunky by current standards, but the core ideas at play work beautifully, and it's amazing to see where things got started in a new light.


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.