Best multiplayer games for Nintendo Switch 2022: Top party games

The definitive kart racer is perfect on the Switch, especially looking as good as it does. (image credit: Nintendo)
One of the best fighting games ever released, there are so many characters to master. (image credit: Nintendo)
This fighting game is unlike anything else on the market, in a good way. (image credit: Nintendo)
Explore and build whole new worlds together in this mega-hit. (image credit: Nvidia)
This physics-based game is tough to master but endlessly rewarding if you stick at it. (image credit: Epic Games)
This is the purest form of party game, a classic board game setup that's so fun to play. (image credit: Nintendo)
A great way to play some arcadey football on the Switch. (image credit: Nintendo / Pocket-lint)
Switch Sports is a return to the classic days of the Wii, in the best ways. (image credit: Nintendo)