Best RPGs for Nintendo Switch 2022: The ultimate role-playing games

This gamer-changer is as essential now as it was on release. (image credit: Nintendo)
The best writing in a modern game makes this a superb RPG. (image credit: ZA/UM)
This remake brings an old classic into the modern era expertly. (image credit: Nintendo)
This is one of the best RPGs ever, and it being on Switch in the first place feels like a miracle. (image credit: CD Projekt RED / The Witcher III: Wild Hunt)
A cute island to make your own and the ability to welcome and visit your friends. (image credit: Nintendo)
This brilliant tactical RPG has huge replay value. (image credit: Nintendo)
This massive package of gaming goodness will let you sink into levelling up and chasing that next great bit of gear. (image credit: Blizzard)
Skyrim is still a phenomenon, and we still love playing it, and on the Switch it's truly portable. (image credit: Bethesda)