Best indie games on Nintendo Switch 2022: All the best independently-published games

A simply hilarious stealth action game disguised as a meme. (image credit: Panic/House House)
A heartfelt game that will have you meditating on the point of it all. (image credit: Thunder Lotus Games)
A devious little game about getting away with murder. (image credit: Inkle)
If you like photography you'll love this chilled out post-apocalyptic title. (image credit: ORIGAME DIGITAL)
This game is a perfect fit for the Switch thanks to its touch controls. (image credit: Finji)
This is a genius blend of genres that plays like nothing else. (image credit: Villa Gorilla)
An old-school adventure game with a mystery for you to solve. (image credit: Terrible Toybox)
For lovers of language this game about archaeology is a must-play. (image credit: Inkle)
A totally zen civilisation builder that's all about planning ahead. (image credit: GrizzlyGames)
This farming simulator is like a gorgeous comforting blanket to curl up in. (image credit: ConcernedApe)