Best Nintendo Switch Lite skins 2021: Protective cases that still keep things stylish

The one and only skin Animal Crossing fanatics should consider.

(image credit: Controller Gear)

A basic but effective Switch Lite skin with neat cutouts and solid protection from scratches. 

(image credit: MoKo)

An ideal choice for those who want to pair protection with better grip and screen protection. 

(image credit: OIVO)

An excellent transparent skin that protects and adds comfort through rear grips.

(image credit: JETech)

Gain protection with added comfort from rear grips and thumbstick caps.

(image credit: Chin Fai)

A clever Switch Lite case that lets you maximize protection and still retain some style. 

(image credit: ProCase)

An affordable and neat way to protect your Switch Lite from scratches.

(image credit: TiMOVO)