Best Nintendo Switch accessories 2021: Protect and personalise your Switch

A screen protector is basically a necessity if you're going to take your console out and about.

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Get a storage upgrade with this reasonably-priced expansion.

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The Pro Controller has amazing battery life and is super comfortable. What more could you want?

(image credit: Nintendo)
This is the perfect controller for a really serious player. (image credit: Pocket-lint)

The perfect controller for someone with smaller hands. 

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True portability awaits if you get this tiny docking adapter.

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If you already have a wireless headset this is a great way to hook it up to your console without hassle.

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The slimmer the case, the better, and this one's perfect for a weekend away or quick trip.

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You'll find this battery pack useful in all walks of life, but it's perfect for charging your Switch in a cinch.

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Make sure you don't run out of juice while playing with this great charging grip. 

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A great way to protect your Switch without a carrying case. (image credit: Pocket-lint)