The Nintendo Switch has been a massive success story for a company previously rocked by the poor sales of the Wii U.

It's easy to see why. It's an amazing games console for starters, able to be played on a big screen at home (when docked) and out and about as a portable thanks to its built-in 6.2-inch HD display.

It also combines motion gaming and multiplayer action without needing an additional controller thanks to the two clever Joy-Con controllers, which clip onto the side of the display.

So if you've joined the Switch revolution, you'll no doubt want some games to play on it. Here (in no particular order) are our choices for the must-haves for the Nintendo console.

Super Mario Odyssey

NintendoNintendo Switch screens image 1


Not only is this 3D platformer one of the best games on any console around today, it's one of the best Mario games too. It owes more to Super Mario 64 than more recent efforts and is so full of secrets and surprises that you'll be playing it long after the story is complete. Every second is a joy.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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There couldn't have been a better launch game to sell Switch consoles than Link's latest outing. A long time in the making and more than a year delayed, Breath of the Wild was well worth the wait as it's one of the best role-playing games ever made.

The massive, open-world RPG has many facets. Every nook and cranny of the marvellous game world is filled with adventure and puzzles. And while it adds crafting to the well-trodden themes, it's not obtrusive and fits in beautifully.

Pokémon: Let's Go (Pikachu / Eevee)

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There's no denying that everyone loves a Pokemon game. The Switch version - which is available in Pikachu and Eevee flavours (they're two physical carts, with slightly different content in the ultimately same game world) - is a lovable role-playing game with a slightly different style to the norm. But the goal is oh so familiar: you gotta catch 'em all. And it's a lot of fun trying, whether playing solo or with a friend.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

NintendoNintendo Switch Screens image 2


Previously released for the Wii U, Mario Kart 8 gets a graphical update for the Deluxe version on Switch, which runs at 60 frames per second even when in portable mode.

You also get a few gameplay bonuses, such as an extra weapon slot for pick-ups during races and additional karters. It is easily one of the best Mario Kart games in many years and an essential purchase for any Switch owner.

Splatoon 2

NintendoNintendo Switch Screens image 23


Although it's not exactly groundbreaking if you played the original Splatoon, the third-person, paint-splatting sequel is a fun multiplayer blast.

It looks superb on the Switch - even better than the Wii U predecessor, which we loved. The single player campaign is vastly improbvd, plus there are new multiplayer modes. Everything seems better tweaked than before, giving the best Splatoon experience yet.


NintendoNintendo Switch Screens image 4


Not everyone's cup of tea, perhaps, but this motion-controlled beat-em-up is great fun if you've got a few friends round and additional Joy-Cons to compete with.

You hold a Joy-Con in each hand and use them to control the arms of your fighter, hence the name. Fighters are bionic, however, and have many properties. The whole thing is very Nintendo-esque; it's harmful fun, even for kids.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

UbisoftNintendo Switch Screens image 13


This Mario game is rather different to the norm. Don't expect a platformer. Instead, you get a turn-based X-Com style strategy game, but featuring the eponymous plumber and Ubisoft's crazy Rabbids characters.

Not only does the game look fantastic, it plays well and different levels can be tackled in your own time. Ideal, therefore, for commuting - just make sure you take your thinking cap with you.

Super Mario Party

NintendoSuper Mario Party Review image 1


Minigames galore in this for-all-the-family slice of fun. It's by far the best Mario Party game yet made, and committed Nintendo fans will find it irresistible. It shows off the Switch's party-gaming credentials with plenty of panache.

Stardew Valley

ChucklefishNintendo Switch Screens image 6

Sweet and simple in graphical style, this part RPG, part farm simulation indie game has won hearts and minds on every platform on which it has been released.

It seems perfect for the Nintendo Switch too, thanks to the console's portability and the casual nature of dipping in and out of the game. There is plenty of depth in Stardew Valley, but it's a game you can play your way, whenever you fancy. And that's the mantra for the Switch too.


Team 17Nintendo Switch Screens image 5

Created in homage to 3D platformers of the past - such as Banjo Kazooie - Yooka-Laylee was a particular fave when it came out on PS4 and Xbox One. It suits the Nintendo Switch even more.

There are plenty of puzzles and interesting denizens to meet and complete, while the Switch version benefits from numerous updates and patches that appeared later on the other console versions. In addition, you can play multiplayer using just one Joy-Con each, so two can play from the off without any other accessories needed.

Worms W.M.D

Team 17Nintendo Switch Screens image 7

Who doesn't love Worms (apart from dogs)? The franchise has been going for almost a quarter of a century and Worms W.M.D. is one of the best we've had in years.

There are plenty of weapons to blast other teams' worms, plus vehicles and other tools of destruction that have been added this time around. It plays brilliantly on the Switch and is a game almost perfectly suited to a train or bus ride.

L.A. Noire

RockstarNintendo Switch Screens image 8

Not only is L.A. Noire a great game on the Switch, it shows the console's potential for other big open-world games in future. Rockstar's PS3 and Xbox 360 hit was also remastered for PS4 and Xbox One, including 4K visuals on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, but the Switch version is perhaps the most technically impressive considering it's on a portable platform.

The entire L.A. Noire experience, including all the original criminal cases and downloadable content, is included, and while some graphical compromises have had to be made, it is a game that every owner over a certain age should get.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection

BlizzardNintendo Switch Screens image 22

The classic top-down dungeon slayer is back in special edition form for Switch, feeling surprisingly fresh and playable despite arriving years after its original release. That it's playable in portable format takes the game to a whole other level and gives the Switch something that's often been absent from previous Nintendo consoles: adult content.

Rocket League

PsyonixNintendo Switch Screens image 9

Rocket League has been a huge success story, with kids of all ages getting hooked on its bizarre mix of car racing and football. And the Switch version is a remarkable port that sticks to 60fps throughout, albeit at a slight drop in resolution.

You don't care though, as you can compete from anywhere with a Wi-Fi signal. It also links with other versions of the game, so you don't have to just compete against players on their own Switch devices.


EANintendo Switch Screens image 10

While FIFA 19 on Switch is not as feature-rich as other console variants, with no Journey story mode, it plays an excellent game of football. There's also Ultimate Team on a portable platform and the option to play as a career in manager or player mode.

Graphics are decent if not spectacular, but for a portable football game, there is no better alternative.


BethesdaNintendo Switch Screens image 11

Of all the remastered or remade games for Nintendo Switch, Doom is possibly the most impressive. It plays just like the PS4 and Xbox One equivalents.

It's clearly not as sharp - which you notice more when played on a TV in docked mode - but the authentic Doom visuals and action are all there. It's not one for the feint hearted, but older Switch owners will love this hardcore first-person shooter.

Thimbleweed Park

Terrible ToyboxNintendo Switch Screens image 12

Thimbleweed Park harks back to an age when point-and-click adventures ruled. Indeed, it is the brainchild of Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick - the duo behind LucasArts classics such as The Secret of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion.

Expect a cross between some tricky puzzles and laugh-out-loud moments. What really makes the adventure are the weird and diverse characters you meet as you try to solve a murder mystery. It all adds up to a wonderful change of pace from most console games on the platform.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

BethesdaNintendo Switch Screens image 14

Skyrim is one of the largest, most highly revered role-playing games of all time. To release the entire game, DLC and more, on a portable platform is nothing short of a miracle.

What's more, it is the remastered version that appeared on the latest-gen consoles so you get so much more for your bucks. It is a true technological marvel and something you will find yourself still playing many months on.

Lego City Undercover

Warner BrosNintendo Switch Screens image 15

We loved the Wii U exclusive when it came out a few years ago, but as the console and, thus, game didn't sell it's great to see it given a lick of paint and a new lease of life.

Lego City Undercover takes the Lego platform gameplay, pops it into an open-world setting and that results in a kid-friendly Grand Theft Auto-style experience. It is also very funny, thanks largely to Chase McCain, an anti-hero worthy of a sequel or even future movie.

Super Bomberman R

KonamiNintendo Switch Screens image 16

While it's not the best Bomberman game ever - that honour goes to Super Bomberman 2 on the SNES, we reckon, although Saturn Bomberman is also a classic - it is great to see the explosion happy, bobble-hatted imps back in action.

The game offers some of the best same-screen multiplayer action around and as each player case use a single Joy-Con to play, you can have two-players battle right from the off.

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition

MojangNintendo Switch Screens image 17

Minecraft on Switch eessentially gives you the Minecraft: Pocket Edition version of the game, but with console-style controls and split-screen, same console multiplayer for home and away. Bizarrely, you can't use the touchscreen to choose items in your inventory, but it's an authentic Minecraft experience in all other regards.

Resident Evil: Revelations

CapcomNintendo Switch Screens image 18

Both Resident Evil Revelations and its sequel have been remastered and ported to the Switch and while we like both, the first game just shades it.

The survival horror is creepy, cleverly paced and works well both in docked and portable mode. Our only suggestion is you don't play it on a late, fairly empty train home. If so, you might have to change your trousers when you get back.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

NintendoNintendo Switch Screens image 20

A simply huge Japanese role-playing game, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 offers more than 70 hours of gameplay and a combat system that is as robust as it is tricky to master.

The game is splendid looking too, with sumptuous landscapes, while the voice acting is excellent throughout. If you want a game that will last a while, this is surely it.