Best gaming microphones 2021: immerse yourself in the action

Adaptable mic that blends great aesthetics with useful features. (image credit: HyperX)
A serious, studio-quality mic that requires know-how to use, but rewards with excellent sound. (image credit: Audio-Technica)
A stylish, yet simple desktop microphone that offers the ability to connect straight into your Apple device. (image credit: Shure)
A versatile mic that can be used for gaming, streaming, or even instrument recording, that's houses in a super clean package. (image credit: Rode)
A straightforward gaming mic that offers a few features to get you started. (image credit: CMTECK)
A portable and great-looking mic that is well packaged and packs a great sound. (image credit: Samson)
A plug-and-play mic with professional level quality. (image credit: Blue Microphones)
This budget gaming mic offers a no-frills upgrade to your mic headphones. (image credit: SOONHUA)
An affordable, simple to use mic with high-level features. (image credit: XIIVIO)
A solid mic that offers a load of accessories for a reasonable price. (image credit: TrophyRak)