(Pocket-lint) - What is the expensive gaming headset without a proper stand to place it on when not in use? Nothing, that's what, which is why it's imperative to pick up one of the top display stands for your setup.

The last thing you want is any more wires sullying your desk space, or an errant headset confusing the complex desk feng shui you're employing, which is why a headset stand is an essential accessory. However, they do vary in design and function, so it's important to know exactly what you need and what will fit in with your other devices. 

Some will simply act as fancy holders for your headset, but many now act as base stations, too, coming fitted with RGB lights or USB ports to let you charge the headset while it stands. Whatever your preference is, dive into the list below to discover some of the best.

Top gaming headset stands to buy

New Bee

New Bee Headset Holder


If you just want a simple stand for your gaming headset, New Bee's holder is a top pick. 

You don't get the fancy lights or charging ports of other options, but, for most people, this 8.8 x 3.7 x 3.7-inch tower offers exactly what an office setup needs. 

Since it's simply an aluminum stand with TPU rubber at its peak, it's also naturally able to hold any type of headphones with style - as well as any loose wires you just want off the surface of your desk, too. 


Corsair ST100


This is the stand for those with a more traditional gaming nook, with added functionality making it much more than just a place to hang up your headset when you're done. 

You get a sturdy aluminum stand at first glance, with this combined with RGB lighting across nine different zones to give you pretty much endless color options.

Even better than that, though, is the 3.5 audio input and dual USB 3.1 inputs for charging a headset, phone, or whatever else. 


Razer Base Station Chroma


Razer is one of the most popular names in gaming accessories for a reason, and its Base Station is one of the sleekest options you can squeeze onto your desk.

There are three USB ports to allow for charging different devices, including the headset itself, naturally, with the RGB lights able to sync with Philips Hue, other Razer hardware, and even some games, thanks to Razer Chroma. 

It's also available in black, white, or pink, giving you the option to match the stand to the rest of your setup.


Kafri Headset Holder


Hang up your headset in style with Kafri's holder, which allows you to add a base station to your setup without digging deep into your pocket. 

It can store cables on the rear of the stand's peak, not just your headset, with the base featuring RGB lighting that can be displayed in nine different modes.

There's also a single USB port on the front of the base, for if you want to charge a smartphone - or perhaps the headset itself. 


Havit TH630


Havit may look to offer a relatively subtle design on the surface, but look a little closer and the TH630 is actually a very neat headset stand - especially for the price. 

An RGB lighting base can be switched to nine different modes, with a 3.5mm audio port also present and two USB outputs allow you to charge the headset or other peripherals.

To let you style the stand to your desk, the TH630 is also available in both black and white finishes.

Blade Hawks

Blade Hawks HS18


Blade Hawks is another well-known name within gaming accessories, and the company's HS18 is a great pick for those in need of a stand/base station hybrid. 

There are five lighting modes to pick between, which can be cycled through with the press of a button, with two USB ports and an AUX port allowing you to connect other devices in your setup.

It doesn't come in any colors other than black, but it's one of the sturdier options you can find, with the rubber base avoiding slips across your desk. 

Writing by Conor Allison.