10 best remastered games: The top Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC gems to play now

An unbelievably good remaster of a stunning classic. 

(image credit: Bluepoint Games)

A charming update of a beloved adventure. 

(image credit: Nintendo)

A blockbuster reborn, this revamp of one of COD's best campaigns and multiplayer packages will get your heart racing. 

(image credit: Activision)

One of the best stories ever told in gaming, upgraded. 

(image credit: Pocket-lint)

A nearly unrivalled collection of FPS greats. 

(image credit: 343 Industries)

Terrify yourself with this amazing horror remake.

(image credit: Capcom)

Three of the most enjoyable, rip-roaring adventures ever released on consoles, this is the perfect introduction to the franchise. 

(image credit: Sony)

A superb, melancholy masterpiece gets the visuals and scale it really deserves in this superb, bar-setting remaster. 

(image credit: Sony)

An absolute romp through a classic platformer. 

(image credit: Activision)