Best board games 2022: Perfect games to pick up and play

A hugely praised new game with a unique subject matter, Wingspan soars above its competition. (image credit: Wingspan)
A relatively new game on the scene, Gloomhaven is great if you've always wanted to try out some tabletop strategy. (image credit: Gloomhaven)
A great stacking game, like reverse Jenga with colourful parts, Beasts of Balance is perfect for families. (image credit: Amazon)

Mansions of Madness is a classic game that keeps on giving, with a new app breathing fresh life into it.

(image credit: Amazon)

A crowdfunded superstar that's really rewarding. 

(image credit: A War of Whispers)

We've been victims of Klask addiction in the past, and will be again - it's that good.

(image credit: Klask)

A really fun and inventive card game. 

(image credit: Silver and Gold)

Keyforge is a sensation - get involved!

(image credit: Amazon)