With Christmas coming, you might be thinking of finally giving in to temptation and buying yourself or loved one a PlayStation 4. And although the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are almost over, there are still some deals to be had.

There are a myriad of bundles, game packs and even console variants, for example. And there are two different types of PS4 to choose from: the standard PlayStation 4 and the PS4 Pro.

We've been scouring the net looking for the best deals online to make sure you get yourself the latest and greatest PlayStation console.

Best PS4 console and bundle deals

Amazon.co.uk deals

Amazon always playing host to bargains on consoles and bundles.

Argos.co.uk deals

Argos also has plenty of PS4 deals too.

Game.co.uk deals

As expected, Game has plenty of deals on PS4 consoles.

Best PS4 Pro console and bundle deals

With the PS4 Pro being newer, there are fewer deals for the console itself, but there's a lot of action around bundle deals.

Amazon.co.uk deals

Game.co.uk deals

What is the PlayStation 4?

The PS4 is Sony's fourth-generation games console. It was first released in 2013 in the shape of a larger, more angular model. A slimmer standard PS4 was introduced in 2016, alongside a more advanced, better specified version, the PS4 Pro.

Both are on sale today, with the former model now discontinued. The PS4 and PS4 Pro play the exact same games, although the latter has the ability to play many of them with improved graphics.

Which PS4 should you buy?

As the PS4 Pro is more expensive than the smaller, slimmer PS4 your buying decision might come down to price. However, if price is no object or you can find the right deal, here are the major differences between the two.

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4K HDR gaming

The PS4 Pro is capable of playing games in up to 4K resolutions and with HDR. Not all games have 4K graphics, but many are enhanced for the PS4 Pro, making the gameplay look crisper and better defined.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a term used to describe a wider colour gamut, better contrast and an overall more vibrant picture performance. It is available on both PS4 consoles, with the difference solely being resolution. The standard PS4 has HDR but can only play games in up to 1080p.

Most flatscreen TVs you can buy today offer 4K HDR visuals and you might already have one at home. Both consoles will work well on one, but only the PS4 Pro will make the most of your TV in that case.

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4K HDR video

Like with 4K gaming, the PS4 Pro is the only console of the two capable of playing video in Ultra High Definition. While neither console supports 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, the PS4 Pro is capable of playing Netflix and Amazon Prime Video TV shows and movies in 4K. Some YouTube videos can also be viewed in 4K.

Again, the standard PS4 can only play videos in up to 1080p (which is fine if you have a Full HD TV).


The PS4 Pro comes with a stock 1TB hard drive, and with games needing to be installed to the HDD regardless of whether they were bought digitally or on disc, that is a definite consideration. Games typically take up 30GB or more of that space, so you can only really store 30 games at a time with that amount of space available.

Most standard PS4 models have half that - 500GB - so can only typically store 15 games before they have to be uninstalled again. You can keep your save games, either locally or in the cloud, but having to delete and reinstall games is a lengthy process. You can get a standard PS4 with a 1TB internal drive, but with costs racking up it might be worth that little extra for a PS4 Pro.

All PS4 models can have storage space expanded through the use of an external USB 3.0 hard drive though, so that's also worth considering for purchase on Black Friday.


All PS4 models are compatible with Sony's own virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR. However, thanks to the faster chipset and power of the PS4 Pro, games can look better inside the headset when attached to the bigger machine.

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PlayStation Plus

One last thing to consider, especially if you or the recipient of a shiny new PS4 wants to play multiplayer games online, is PlayStation Plus.

PlayStation Plus is Sony's monthly subscription service that is required if you want to play online multiplayer in any game. But to sweeten the deal it also grants a subscribers free games every month, that are available to play permanently as long as you continue to subscribe.

There are at least three PS4 games on offer each month, plus, if you own a PS Vita and/or a PS3, additional games for those consoles.

A PS Plus subscription costs £49.99 for 12 months when paid up front, £19.99 for three months or £6.99 when paid monthly. Last year's Black Friday though saw massive discounts on membership vouchers from numerous retailers. We advise you to keep 'em peeled.