(Pocket-lint) - There are amazing games coming out for Xbox One in the coming months. Whether you own an Xbox One S, 4K-ready Xbox One X or one of the newly-released next-gen consoles, most games work across them all.

We've rounded up the Xbox One games we're looking forward to the most for you to get excited about too.

There are release dates where possible and a trailer for each. We'll also be updating the round-up throughout the year so come back wherever possible. 

Halo Infinite

  • Publisher:Xbox Game Studios
  • Release date: Fall 2021
  • Exclusive?No, also on Xbox Series X and Windows 10

Halo Infinite is going to be a big game for Xbox Series X, but will also be coming out for Xbox One, meaning that almost anyone can play it - plus it'll be on Game Pass from day one.

The game will put players back in the hallowed Spartan armour of Master Chief, as he combats the Banished, a new threat to humanity, and promises more freedom than any recent game in the series, with huge levels and the choice of how and when to tackle your objectives. 

Dying Light 2

  • Release date: 2021
  • XBox One exclusive: No, also on PS4 and PC
  • Publisher: Techland Publishing


The first Dying Light offers an excellent blend of parkour, first-person combat and more than a touch of role-playing. We have even bigger hopes for the sequel, which looks to add a dynamic world to the mix. The characters and circumstances change depending on your actions - a potentially great concept.

The next outing also seemingly promises a world that changes based on your choices, so you'll have much more influence on the world around you. The new trailer also appears to show various factions of humans fighting it out for supremacy, so there'll be more than just brain chompers to worry about.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • Release date: 2021
  • Xbox One exclusive: No, also PC and Xbox Series X
  • Type: Simulator
  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
  • See the official site

The next update to Microsoft's Flight Simulator series is coming in 2020. Flight Simulator has already hit PC, but is coming to Xbox One as well.

Flight Simulator promises players the freedom to create their own flight plan and jet off anywhere in the world, flying day and night against realistic weather conditions. 

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2

  • Release date: 2021
  • Xbox One exclusive: No, also on PS4 and PC
  • Publisher: Paradox Interactive


After a decade and a half, we're finally getting a sequel to Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Similarly a first-person RPG, it'll put you in the shoes of a bloodsucker ready to wreak havoc on mortals and the vampiric alike. We can't wait.

Psychonauts 2

Double Fine studios were at E3 2019 showing off gameplay footage for Psychonauts 2, alongside the announcement that the company is joining Xbox Game Studios. 

Psychonauts 2 has been a long time coming, but will no doubt have fans of the series thoroughly excited. 

"Psychonauts 2 tells the story of Razputin Aquato, a gifted acrobat with psychic powers, as he fulfils his life-long goal of becoming an international psychic super-spy. In other words, a Psychonaut. Raz joins the Psychonauts at a dangerous time: a mole has infiltrated the organization and is planning to resurrect history's most cruelly powerful psychic villains. Not knowing who to trust, Raz must dive into the history of the Psychonauts, and that of his own family, to fight the demons of their shared past."

Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes is an "interactive thriller" where your character is stuck in a time loop. A romantic evening with your wife is interrupted by a police detective rudely entering your home, accusing your wife of murder and then beating you to death.

Things get interesting when time starts all over again and you're forced to suss out what's happening and how to stop it. Twelve Minutes should certainly make for an awesome gaming experience. 


  • Release date: 2021
  • Xbox One exclusive: No, also PC
  • Publisher: THQ Nordic


Biomutant is a new open-world action RPG coming later this year. Biomutant will allow players to combine mutant powers and a wealth of weaponry to customise their characters into the ultimate hero or villain. The fate of the world is in your hands.  

Skull & Bones

  • Release date: 2021
  • Xbox One exclusive: No, also on PS4 and PC
  • Publisher: Ubisoft


If there's a game to starkly contrast the jovial pirates of the recently released Sea of Thieves then, well, Ubisoft has hit the nail on the head with Skull & Bones. This multiplayer battle game takes you to the seas where you'll need to play co-operatively with others to sink competitors' ships and abscond with the loot.

Rainbow Six Quarantine


There's a new threat coming to the world in the form of a mutated alien parasite that's infecting people and wreaking havoc on the planet. Your team is sent to save the day. 

This is a 3-player tactical co-op FPS where you'll be teaming up to battle it out against the environment and survive unpredictable missions. 

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

  • Release date: 2021
  • Xbox One exclusive: No
  • Publisher: WB Games


It seems that a new Lego game is coming at some point soon. This new platformer isn't just a remaster of the previous Lego Star Wars games - it promises hundreds of different characters and different levels throughout. It's being pitched as a brand-new Lego video game unlike any other with fun-filled adventures and plenty of humour too. 


  • Release date: TBD 
  • Xbox One exclusive: Yes
  • Publisher: ID@Xbox

Looking like a cross between the SNES Zelda games and Monument Valley, Tunic is a cute, isometric adventure game with exploration and puzzles at its heart. Very much an indie game to watch.


  • Release date: TBC
  • Xbox One exclusive: No, also on PS4 and PC
  • Publisher: Bethesda


Touted as "Skyrim in Space", Starfield will be the first new intellectual property from Bethesda Softworks in many a year. We don't expect to see anything about it until 2021 at least, though.

The Elder Scrolls VI

  • Release date: TBC
  • Xbox One exclusive: No, also on PS4 and PC (probably)
  • Publisher: Bethesda


Yep, it's just music and a logo, but doesn't it make the hairs on your arms stand on end like it does ours?

Beyond Good & Evil 2

  • Release date: TBC
  • Xbox One exclusive: No, also on PS4 and PC
  • Publisher: Ubisoft


It's been more than 15 years since the original game, so this sequel has us excited more than most. We still haven't seen much of the gameplay yet, but the CGI effects are quite simply jaw-dropping. What's more, you can have some of your music or artwork included in the game. Find out more at hitrecord.org.

Elden Ring

  • Release date: TBC
  • Xbox One exclusive: No, also PC 
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • See the official site


Another cracking game reveal at E3 2019 was Elden Ring - a game co-written by Game of Thrones' George RR Martin and developed by FromSoftware. As if that wasn't enough, it's also set to be an action-RPG in the style of Dark Souls. If that's not enough to get your pulse racing, then what is? That said, we'd be very surprised if this one doesn't slip its release date at this stage, since we've heard so little about it. 

Writing by Rik Henderson and Adrian Willings. Editing by Max Freeman-Mills.