With the E3 gaming expo 2016 done and dusted, the front runners in the gaming world unveiled their biggest and best titles. None more so than Sony, its PlayStation 4 looks set to go from strength to strength in 2016 and beyond.

With some top-drawer exclusive titles unveiled, some favourites from previous years finally slated with a released date, and PS VR - the company's £349 virtual reality hardware - also set for a 13 October release date, there's plenty to look forward to.

Some were surprises, such as the revamped, refreshed God of War — a PS4 exclusive title that reimagines the smash-em-up franchise with a new story and greater heart.

Sony also snagged Hideo Kojima, of Metal Gear Solid fame, to bring his next title, Death Stranding, to PS4 and bypass Xbox One in the process.

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However, there was no new PS4 console hardware to show off at the show, unlike Microsoft, which unveiled its Xbox One S and forthcoming "most powerful console in the world" Project Scorpio. We know there's a PlayStation "4K" in the works, codenamed Neo, but that's as much as the company has said about it thus far.

Even so, with a bevy of first- and third-party titles on the horizon, the future looks like a serious one for gamers, whatever genre you favour. Here's our rundown of the best PS4 games from E3 2016.