It might seem strange to some that another massive videogames show opens its doors so soon after E3, but Gamescom in Cologne is a huge deal. Not only does it give European gamers a chance to see many of the games for 2015 and 2016 without having to cross the Atlantic, it also gives games publishers and developers a chance to demo games that are later in their development cycle.

For us, this often means that we get to play segments of games that we could only previously stare at or be talked through. E3 is often the best place to see the very latest games, Gamescom is often the first place you can actually play them for yourself.

That's why we've put together our list of the top games we've seen and, more often that not, actually played in Germany. We will also update it as we get to go hands-on with others during our week at the show. And if we've missed off one of your favourites, we're sorry.

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We are pretty much sticking to games we've actually had experience of at Gamescom, in one form or another, so should something have missed out but is a fine contender, we can only apologise as we didn't get the time to see it.

To have a look and find out about each of our Gamescom favourites, flick through the gallery above.