We're almost at the time of year when shops are full of the warbling croaks of Noddy Holder and Roy Wood and halls are decked with boughs of Holly Willoughby. Christmas is looming and we have but a few weeks to make sure that our loved ones get more in their stockings than a couple of toasted chestnuts.

And what about yourself? What goodies are you expecting in return? It's not all about the giving you know, it's also about convincing granny to get you something other than a pair of Dennis the Menace socks and a Chas and Dave megamix CD. But what to ask for?

If you own a PS4 here are a few ideas for games to put on your Christmas wishlist or, in some cases, what to save that Christmas money and vouchers for. So, in alphabetical order, here are the best games available for your console now or in the near future...


Out: Now

Even though The Evil Within is more horrific it could be argued that Alien Isolation is as scary if not more knee-trembling at times. You are stuck on a mostly abandoned space station with an artificially intelligent Alien stalking you and it is often the moments where nothing much happens that can be the most terrifying.

best ps4 games for christmas 2014 and beyond image 12

The game harks back to the 1978 Ridley Scott film that started the whole franchise and is much the better for it. In space nowhere can hear you scream, maybe, but your neighbours will for sure.

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Out: 14 November

For the first Assassin's Creed game on the new-generation consoles Ubisoft has pulled out all the stops when it comes to gameplay enhancements.

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Set during the French revolution, the game adds up to four player co-op and role-playing elements to the normal open world mission structure. It's also the best looking in the series so far, with a rendered Paris of 1789 that looks simply stunning.

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Electronic Arts

Out: 20 March 2015

We've always wanted a cops and robbers game that offered multiplayer and that's exactly what the latest Battlefield first-person shooter will be. Delayed from a 2014 release to refine the game before release, Hardline will be one of the most sought-after titles come spring 2015.

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As well as a plethora of multiplayer maps where the villains and the good guys duke it out, Battlefield Hardline will include a single-player campaign with a TV show style plot and tight scripting. One to watch for sure.

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Out: Now

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has thrown the kitchen sink and trying to get the CoD franchise back on track. Not only are there more multiplayer maps and gameplay types than ever before, but the addition of a jetpack-enabled exoskeleton reinvents the way you play the game.

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Much has been put into the single-player campaign too, with a fully-rendered Kevin Spacey one of the acting highlights. As long as you don't mind the near-future plot line and crazy, cinematic action you'll find plenty of fun here.

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Deep Silver

Out: 24 April 2015

Having been the subject of one of the funniest trailers in E3 history, a lot is hoped for Dead Island 2. Publisher Deep Silver has switched development duties to Yager after the first two games, while promising, failed to deliver everything hoped - specifically the sequel, Riptide.

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And who doesn't like zombie games, right? Admittedly, there are a stack of them but few look quite so viscerally exciting as this first-person shooter, according to the gameplay demos had so far. Definitely one to watch. 


Out: Now

Destiny is soon to get a major update that will add all-new quests and numerous other bonuses, The Dark Below, which will make the always online game even more of a life-sapper. It was one of the biggest launches of 2014 and countless plays later, we're still enjoying every minute.

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Of course, you'll need to keep your console connected to the internet at all times to play it. And if you're not a social gamer, it's probably not for you, but Bungie's biggest project of all time is a fantastic flag-waver for the new generation of gaming.

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Out: Now

The first Disney Infinity was good but Disney Infinity 2.0 is an all-round better game. And not just because it features a fantastic cast of Marvel superheroes, although their inclusion has raised the target age a little.

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You can still play with your original Disney Infinity characters on the new base and other newly released Disney animation characters, albeit only in the Toy Box creation mode, but you'll be missing out if you don't at the very least give Spider-Man a whirl.

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Electronic Arts

Out: 21 November

The third in Bioware's role-playing game series is the first to come to the new generation consoles and it looks simply stunning. Combat has been completely rejigged from Dragon Age II and it plays much more like an action RPG when out in the field.

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That's not to say that there's not plenty of traditional-style missions and interweaving plotlines to get your head around. And as with all of Bioware's games (Baldur's Gate, Mass Effect) the dialogue between characters is superbly written.


Out: Now

If Sony and Evolution Studios ever get the multiplayer servers performing as they should DriveClub will be the grandstand driving game for the PS4. As it is, the single-player mode offers an excellent racing experience and holds so much promise for when the game's issues have been solved.

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We particularly like the adaptive weather effects, which are random and can completely change the handling of the car. While the in-car sound effects are superb. We expect the problems to be ironed out soon, and then this will become a must purchase on the PS4.

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2K Games

Out: 10 February 2015

It's a shame that Evolve slipped in release schedule as it was one of our favourite games played at E3 in June. At least though it gives us something to really look forward to early next year.

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The game is multiplayer only and pits four hapless adventurers against a number of giant monsters, one per zone, that are controlled by a fifth player. The gameplay mechanics shift from first to third person when you're the beast and it's great fun blasting those puny humans on the ground. We suspect this will be a massive hit on the streaming sites.

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Out: 18 November

Quite possibly our favourite game of the year so far, based on what we've played of the enormous open world FPS. It has humour and hardcore thrills aplenty, while missions switch from all-action to stealthy assassination attempts so smoothly that you will seldom get bored.

best ps4 games for christmas 2014 and beyond image 20

The graphics are also incredible - colourful and detailed beyond even the gorgeous looking Far Cry 2. And there are even honey badgers roaming the landscape for you to avoid. What more do you want?

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Electronic Arts

Out: Now

The best football game is now even better with all-new ball physics, new player models that actually look like real footballers rather than podgy versions, and a living pitch that is suitably scuffed up as play goes on, making it look like the real thing.

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Goalkeepers have also had a major overhaul this time around, with new animations and artificial intelligence that makes them look and behave much more like their real-life counterparts. It adds a new dimension to the gameplay, specifically when you're trying to score against a great shot stopper.

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Out: 18 November

If you've never played GTA 5 before here's your chance as it's been completely remastered for a new-gen experience. As well as several new side missions and secrets the game world has been given a lick of higher resolution paint in order to make it look even more impressive. Plus, thanks to a new view mode - first-person - it will feel like an all-new game at times, even to those who finished it before.

best ps4 games for christmas 2014 and beyond image 4

And of course, the Xbox 360/PS3 version won the Pocket-lint award last year for Best Game, and we think you'll be as hooked this time out as we were back then. We'll certainly be giving it a second spin ourselves.

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Out: 28 November

The return of Sackboy is much welcome and Little Big Planet 3 marks his first outing on the PS4. Multiplayer is very much the order of the day for the third in the series, although the same encouragement to build your own worlds is still in effect.

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New friendly characters have different abilities so can offer something new to co-op gameplay. There's something there for everyone and there are few cuter characters in gaming than Sackboy himself.

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Square Enix

Out: Now

Dark Souls was perhaps one of the biggest surprise hits in gaming's recent history and its sequel has gone on to receive mass critical acclaim worldwide. It has also clearly been the inspiration behind Lords of the Fallen, although the new-gen game is not quite so tough and unforgiving to play.

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Instead, it relies on a more button-bashing, arcade-style gameplay even though its role-playing roots are similar and that might make it more accessible to some. There's still massive boss battles and gloomy dungeons, but you have a better chance of surviving them in Square Enix's title.


Out: Now

Minecraft is the Cola Pips or Pogs for the current generation of kids and its craft-laden gameplay has proven a hit with adults too. It has also made the transition from PC and older-gen consoles to new-gen perfectly, offering all the options and geek-tastic elements that eight-year-olds know better than their teachers' names.

best ps4 games for christmas 2014 and beyond image 6

Graphical fidelity is not the most important thing in Minecraft but the new-generation version still manages to look stunning - most notably for its enhanced viewing distances. It's also cheap too, so well worth picking up.

Warner Bros

Out: 14 April 2015

There seemed to be two camps of fighting game fans in the 90s, those who preferred Street Fighter II and those who would rather sate their gory appetites with Midway's Mortal Kombat games. Warner is bringing the latter franchise to the new-gen for the first time and hasn't forgotten the elements that won its such a big following first time around.

best ps4 games for christmas 2014 and beyond image 7

If the E3 was anything to go by, there will be gore in abundance and brilliant "finish him" moves aplenty. Let's just hope the combo sets are similar to before though otherwise we'll not be able to impress in the same ways as old.


Out: 13 November

Pro-Evolution Soccer hasn't been a credible alternative to FIFA 15 for a while, lacking in licensed names of players and teams as always, but also offering a less realistic, free-flowing game of football. However, its first outing on the new-gen consoles heralds a new era for the franchise as some of what made the game so fun during the Nintendo era has returned.

best ps4 games for christmas 2014 and beyond image 8

Graphics are naturally sharper and the AI of the players has been greatly improved, but it's when you score a stunning goal after a mazy run that you realise PES is different to FIFA in many ways and worthy of a place on a footy fans shelf too.


Out: Now

The latest in the Singstar franchise has been treated a little harshly since its release in that it offers less songs to download than the former PS3 games and fewer game modes to play, but in return it does add the ability to sing via an iPhone or Android smartphone through a dedicated app, rather than have to fork out for official microphones.

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The main Singstar game is actually a free download on PS4, but should you want a stack of songs to sing without needing to purchase them individually, the Ultimate Party disc edition has plenty prepared for you, including Pharrell's Happy, the brainworm track of 2014.


Out: Now

The Skylanders games have been hugely successful over the years, with kids happy to buy the games and accompanying toys in their multitudes (parents, less so), but it must be a devil to innovate each time and come up with a new idea. Skylanders: Trap Team is the result of just that, the most innovative leap forward for the series since the very first game.

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As well as put their toys into the game via an included portal, players can now pull in-game characters out and onto tangible, physical traps. They can then play as the trapped villain, hotswapping from one character to another as they like. The games too have grown with their fans, and Trap Team is the most playable yet.

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Out: Now

Not as tense as Alien: Isolation perhaps on the scariest game out now stakes but more horrific by far. If you don't like slasher films then Shinji Mikami's latest survival horror is definitely not one for you. However, if you do, you'll be needing a new pair of undercrackers after a lengthy session with The Evil Within.

best ps4 games for christmas 2014 and beyond image 24

It is quite frankly petrifying, throwing disturbing imagery and cunningly thought out enemies at you from all angles. Just don't play it with the lights out. Actually, scrub that, do!

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Out: 20 February 2015

The Order: 1886 has been a much-hyped PS4 exclusive since the initial announcement event in February 2013. It is based in a Victorian London, but one that features steampunk elements alongside supernatural undertones. It is heavily stylised and has some of the best facial animations we've seen yet.

best ps4 games for christmas 2014 and beyond image 25

We played a level at E3 in June and loved it (even though it was short). The varied weaponry alone could make for a thrilling journey through the gas lit streets. And as it's out in February, we don't have too long to wait to find out.

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CD Projekt/Namco Bandai

Out: 24 February 2015

Anybody who had played the original Witcher game on PC was far from surprised when The Witcher 2 turned out to be such a massive hit. Now though, a lot rests on the shoulders of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but from what we've seen so far it looks set to meet every high expectation.

best ps4 games for christmas 2014 and beyond image 10

As one of the first new-generation games announced, it has spent a long time in development, but considering the size of the open world RPG that's to be expected. It also has a chance of being the best looking games on the new-gen machines yet.

2K Games

Out: 21 November

The WWE games have finally made the leap to the new-generation consoles yet retain much of what has made Yuke's wrestling series so successful over the years. The graphics have been tarted up, but the in-ring action is familiar and fluent.

best ps4 games for christmas 2014 and beyond image 11

It's great to see the latest roster in 1080p though, with more detail and accurate likenesses than ever before. Can you smell what the Rock is cooking? Pigs in blankets, we reckon.