Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is out. For those who already have it, say goodbye to your social lives. If you don’t, you'd better get a move on because this game is going to sell out quick sharp.

Most are used to paying the standard £39.99 for a game, but with CoD being such a big deal, there are a few decent offers to be had. Read on to find out our Best Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 deals.

Tesco Direct

Simple enough, Tesco Direct is offering Call of Duty for £25 if you buy it with a selected network card or points card.

Options include £25 of PlayStation Network points and a 12-month Xbox Live Gold card. The cheapest is a 2100 Xbox Live points card for £17.50. Add that to the £25 cost of the game and you are getting plenty of MS points to spend as well as Call of Duty, all for £42.50.


Game doesn’t have any big money savers, as such, but is throwing in a month's free Playstation Plus membership. The Xbox 360 version unfortunately doesn't come with anything similar. Both are up for £45, making them pricier than some other options.

However Game does still have some in stock, so if you are after the game, this might be the place to go.


Amazon has taken a no-fuss approach with Call of Duty. Priced in at £38.97, you can save yourself a whopping 3p over the usual price. Free delivery also and the game is still in stock.


HMV has the game on sale for £42.99, a not particularly exciting price. What is exciting, however, is the pay nothing trade-in offer.

There is a long list of games on the HMV website, most of them brand new releases, which can be taken in and exchanged for CoD: Black Ops 2 for no money whatsoever. Say you had Medal of Honor: Warfighter as a stop gap, you could swap it straight away for Call of Duty.


Last but by no means least, Sainsbury's has the game priced at £42.99. But the price drops to £32.99 if you spend £30 or more in store. Grab it when you do your weekly food shop, we say.

Spot any other good offers? Let us know in the comments below ...