Despite still being months away from its rumoured Christmas release date, the Wii U is already getting itself glammed up with a selection of accessories. The console hardware is now finalised and manufacturers are starting to come up with all sorts of ways of kid-proofing its controller-tablet combo.

So what sort of kit can you expect come Wii U launch date? What is the gear you are going to want to be picking up for the new console? Pocket-lint has a handy list of everything you can expect to find so far alongside the Wii U on store shelves at launch. So, here are the best Nintendo Wii U accessories available.

Wii U Pro controller

This is the piece of kit Nintendo hopes is going to sway the hardcore gamer in its direction. On top of having proper 1080p graphics, the Wii U is also going to support a more conventional control method. This is what the Pro controller is for.

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The Pro controller looks extremely similar to that of the Xbox 360. It features a pair of analogue sticks, D-pad and y,x,a and b buttons as well as shoulder triggers. So far we don’t have any details as to how the controller will be implemented, but we imagine Nintendo will be making a big fuss about it, given that the Wii U is supposed to be a more serious piece of kit.

Wii U GamePad

Nintendo loves an unusual control method and most will know by know that the Wii U is no exception. The new GamePad is what has most excited about Ninty’s new piece of kit. So what do you get? Crucially the thumbsticks have been redesigned, doing away with the more compact versions shown at last year’s E3.

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On top of that there are all the conventional buttons found on the old Wii controller and the Wii U Pro controller above. Then there is the massive screen slapped in the middle which forms the core of the Wii U’s alternative gameplay style. If you want to know more about the actual console and games itself, check out our Nintendo E3 coverage here.

MadCatz Power Up charge dock

The battery life on the new Wii U Gamepad is looking fairly pants. At the moment, rumours point to a 3.5 hour battery with a 2.5 hour charge time. Not great especially for the hardcore gamer who prefers a lengthy gaming session. To help cure your charging ailments you are no doubt going to want something like MadCatz’s charging dock, which will let you dump the Wii U GamePad and give it some juice.

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The dock has a fairly slick aluminium finish and will allow you to tilt the controller up and down while charging, letting you play with it while keeping the controller ticking over.

MadCatz FlipStand protective cover

Think iPad Smart Cover but for the Wii U’s GamePad. The FlipStand wraps around the front of the GamePad and will stop you from scratching up its screen.

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This the sort of piece of kit that those with little kids may want to keep the GamePad feeling fresh in between play sessions of those who just want to stop it getting dusty.

MadCatz Wiimote charging station

Don’t forget that the Wii U is also capable of using old-generation Wiimotes. This means you will likely be running them out of battery as well.

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To combat this MadCatz has turned out another charging dock in the same style as the Power Up for the Wii U GamePad. This means a nice aluminium finish and two fittings for you to attach your Wiimotes for charging.

Tritton Kunai stereo gaming headset

You know a console is aimed more at the hardcore gamer if it is having gaming headsets designed for it before it is even released. This new Kunai headset will work with also work with the 3DS and PS Vita should you have multiple consoles.

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It features stereo sound and a decent set of earphones which should, from the look of it, be comfortable during lengthy play sessions.

Nintendo Wii U Fit pedometer

Bundled as part of the Wii U balance board is a pedometer which can track your altitude and steps as well as estimate calories you might have burnt during exercise sessions. It syncs data up with the Wii U gamepad via infrared.

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The real fun bit of the pedometer is that it adds points to your Wii U fit score from exercise that you have done away from the console. Nintendo essentially encouraging you not to play its console then.

Wiimote and Nunchuck

Not so much a straight Wii U accessory we know but still damn useful nonetheless. Don't forget Nintendo's new console will be compatible with old generation Wii controllers, this means extra players without having to purchase new GamePads.

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The button combination is from what we can tell identical to the older Wii so you aren't losing out on any possible control inputs. We can't be sure how the Wiimote is going to be implemented in games yet but expect it to act as a backup to the GamePad when playing solo.

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