The Sony USB Micro Vault is a USB Memory storage unit that has a fingerprint reader and docking station.

With the demise of the floppy disk and the rise of the USB storage key transferring data around away from the PC or Mac has never been a safe or secure thing. Imagine though if there was a device that allowed you to password protect your files in case the storage device was lost or stolen. Now imagine that instead of your pets name being the password it was one of your fingers. The Sony Micro Vault with Fingerprint Access proposes to offers just that.

Coming with a fingerprint reader on the front of the device this unit gives you a far more secure device than a standalone key. At home and the unit also doubles up as an extra security measure for your PC or Mac and every time you break from your screensaver you have to scan your fingerprint.


Load it up, run through the setup, let the software learn your fingers (10x each one so it gets it right) and away you go. You can also add a word-based password as a master switch in case you lose your hand in a tragic bass fishing accident.

The added dimension of using it as a security measure when it’s connected to the home PC is a nice touch and means you’ll never have to worry about your precious data falling into the wrong hands ever again. Unfortunately it won’t stop you losing it though - now that would be clever.