(Pocket-lint) - We've seen the VoIPVoice CyberPhone before, in the guise of the Firebox VoIP CyberPhone. Back at the beginning of 2005 it was only PC compatible leaving all those Mac fans out in the cold.

Fast Forward almost a 2 years and VoIP Voice has released a Mac version for Apple users keen to use Skype on a phone rather than through a headset.

The CyberPhone-W is a long line of new Skype-certified products slowly making its way to the market.

The handset is very basic in its design (yes it is glossy white) and to get a better idea, think £10 landline phone. The handset sits neatly on a cradle, which offers a regular dial pad, as well as dedicated Skype buttons and you'll have hours of fun untangling the corded cable 3 or 4 months down the line.

Dragging the software to your Applications folder is all you'll have to do as far as setup is concerned and when connected to a switched on Mac like the PC version, it controls the Skype software (or vice versa). If someone rings you, the phone will ring as well, pick it up and it will initiate the software, just as dialling the number on the phone controls the software on screen.

This connectivity with the Mac does mean that you will have to be in proximity of a turned on computer unlike Philips DECT offering, but not officially attached to it via a headset, which in our minds is a big difference and a good one at that.

In tests the handset works extremely well and most will know how easy Skype is to use. Our test calls included Skype to Skype to a user in France and a SkypeOut call to a mobile and in both cases we were very impressed. The quality of audio on the handset is the same as if we had made the call from a regular land line or mobile phone.


In 2005 we loved the CyberPhone for its ease of use and ability to make Skype actually an application worth using, however we didn't like the fact that it left Apple Mac users out in the cold.

Almost 2 years on and although the Skype accessory scene has exploded the CyberPhone-W still manages to hold its own, making this a great way to start using Skype.

Writing by Stuart Miles.