(Pocket-lint) - Back in July 2006 we looked at the Philips TT2021 Bodygroom and were overall impressed by its performance. Philips have now updated this model with their top of the range TT2030 Bodygroom+. As Pocket-lint’s resident Ewok, the task was bestowed upon me to once again give myself an all over trim.

First out of the box, which actually took 5 minutes to remove due to it being encapsulated in multiple layers of plastic packaging, you see a professional piece of kit with many attachments and a sturdy charging base which also doubles as an attachment holder. Its sleek lines and black and chrome effect finish means it wouldn’t look out of place on your bathroom window or bedside table.

The handle has a rubberised grip and seeing as the groomer is waterproof, can be used in the shower: a nice touch for when your hands are covered in soap.

Once charged, the groomer will run for 50 minutes which I am sure would be good enough for even Chewbacca and charging is indicated by an LED on the handle which we felt was on omission on the TT2021.

The TT2030 essentially performs two functions. With its shaving head attached, it will trim then shave unwanted hair such as you may find on your back and shoulders. Again this will never be as good as waxing but nevertheless it provides a confident result which is ideal if you get a short notice date which has the potential to end up in the removal of clothing.

Possibly more useful is the trimming attachment. It comes with two trimming combs which clip easily onto the head and are adjustable to varying lengths from 3mm to 11 mm in five 2mm intervals. The first has a wider head which is good for larger areas such as your chest where as the second has a tighter pitch for more precision work in perhaps your pubic zone or for armpit hair.

In preparation for this test and to really put it through its paces I neglected my grooming schedule providing a good 6 weeks. The Bodygroom + tackled my chest carpet with relative ease and made quick work of job. In comparison to the TT2021, it was great to be able to vary the length of trim for different areas which isn’t possible on the more basic model and I found the cutting head did not clog up with hair and require cleaning which the TT2021 suffers from.


Overall the TT2030 is a stylish, compact and practical groomer which performs extremely well. It is easy to use providing quick and professional results. Don’t think that if you regularly have areas waxed, this will replace this costly and painful ritual, but for keeping yourself neat and tidy in the chest and nether regions, you won’t go far wrong with this and would recommend spending the additional £17 or so on this model over its cheaper cousin.

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Writing by Stewart Howl.