(Pocket-lint) - The problem with portable devices is that you're reliant on a good battery life, or easy access to a charger. This is a power pack for your portable devices that should take most of the strain out of recharging on the move.

Philips claims the SCE7640 can provide up to 60 hours of extra battery life. Essentially it is a large battery pack that weighs 282g and measures 120 x 80 x 25mm that you charge up at home and then add to your travel kit.

It comes with a host of connectors for all the leading brands of mobile phone, such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola, as well as all the major notebook makes. For notebooks you'll need to make sure it supports charging from a 16-19V charger, which is fine for most machines but large desktop replacements may find it won't work.

There is also Mini-USB port on the device, so you'll be able to charge a host of PDAs and MP3 players too. Still, it's worth checking with the website before you buy that your device is covered. Once you found the right connector you fit it to a universal lead that allows you to power and charge your device. A small LED indicator on the top of the pack gives you a rough idea of how much juice is left on board.

We used it away for the weekend and found that even after keeping our Asus Netbook topped up, as well as a Samsung phone, there was still over half a charge left in the Power2Go.


The Philips SCE7640 Power2Go is great for those who find need they need to recharge a multitude of devices on a regular basis. It's a pricey device but one that will pay itself back time and time again.

Writing by Mike Browne.