(Pocket-lint) - We've always been impressed with Philips audio players and while they don't shout about them as much as Apple does with its iPod, they're just as stylish and as easy to use. The build quality is as impressive as the look, being solid in the hand.

The black and silver device has a smooth finish and a high-sheen plastic cover that helps enhance images. Controlled by a large scroll wheel, navigation is easy but the software layer is a little clumsy, as you'll need to scroll through a number of screens to access most functions.

The main selling point of this latest player is its video capabilities. With a 2.2-inch screen, which sits lengthways so you'll need to turn the player to watch movies in landscape mode, it offers a standard 320 x 234-pixel resolution.

Music quality is also impressive and you can use Windows Media Player to keep track of playlists with ease. The supplied headphones feel good too and while they’re not the best on the market, they offer less sound bleed than those awful white things.

The only problem we have with this player is the amount of storage onboard, as 2GB of space isn't enough for the average user. This allows for 4 hours of movies or 9 hours of music.

Battery life is more than acceptable as we managed to use the player out and about for over 12 hours before needing to recharge.


The Philips GoGear SA6025 is great if you're willing to regularly swap and change the files contained on it. However, for the asking price we feel it's a little expensive for what's on offer.

Writing by Mike Browne.