(Pocket-lint) - We may be getting used to the idea of making phone calls using our PC and services such as Skype but it seems that people still prefer to talk into something that looks like a traditional phone instead of using a headset.

The look of the Voip080 isn’t exactly ground breaking and for the price it hasn’t got an amazing build quality but it feels nice in the hand. There is also a supplied stand, which is on the light and flimsy side and we found ourselves using it very little.

While it looks like it may be wireless, you’ll find a USB cable connects it to your PC. The cable winds around the main body, making it convenient to use with your notebook the pack it away when travelling.

This is a dual-format phone, so you can use it for Skype as well as standard phone calls and switching between the two is simply a case of pressing a button. The phone's menu is easy to get to grips with and highlights whether the contacts you have are Skype or landline calls.

The main selling point of the device is ClearVoice technology, which as the name suggests helps give you better reception over an internet connection. In tests, we found it worked exceedingly well. The software is easy to setup and once you have a Skype account, the phone works exactly as you’d want it to.


The Philips Voip080 Internet Phone may not be robust enough to replace your current house phone but for Skype calls and occasional use, it’s more than up to the task, especially at the great asking price.

Writing by Mike Browne.