(Pocket-lint) - With the party season almost upon us, Philips is hoping that you'll want to spruce up your house with a dash of colour. No, the consumer electronics company hasn't launched a range of technologically advanced paints, but a LED lamp that can change colour at the press of a button. Worth a look or all just a bit wishy-washy? We take a closer look.

Philips has found that LED lights can be useful and pretty rather than just used for showing whether a device is on, and both can be said of the Philips LivingColors LED lamp.

While we have to forgive Philips for the American spelling in the name, the new lamp lets you to alter the colour of the light in a room, so that you can adapt the lighting to create the atmosphere of your choice.

So what is it? Put simply and without the marketing hype, it's a clear plastic ball with four LEDs that blasts out colour into the corner of the room.

Designed to be hidden out of the way, although it's good looking enough to be seen on show, everything is controlled by a white remote control that takes 3 AAA batteries.

The remote is just as simple as the lamp and features an on/off button, brightness settings via a dimmer switch, and a circular colour wheel so you can set the colour you want.

LivingColors can display an infinite range of colours and does so by mixing four LEDs. You even have the ability to set how much white you want to change the shade of colour as well.

In use and the device is incredibly easy to use, it's a lamp after all.

Those looking for a complete lighting effect can opt to connect up to six devices at a time off the one remote allowing you to change the "mood" in seconds.


Simple, elegant, and effective, the LivingColors LED lamp allows you to change the mood of your room in seconds, and we love it.

Whether you plan to stick this in the corner of the room or behind the TV it's likely to be one of those must haves for the style conscious "Grand Designs" clique.

Writing by Stuart Miles.