(Pocket-lint) - Apparently metrosexual is now cool and with a recent report suggesting over 40% of males groom some section of their body hair on a regular basis, it’s no wonder that all the shaving manufacturers are developing products for removing or trimming hair from places you never previously thought needed attention.

As the hairiest man Pocket-lint knew, the task fell to me to put Philips’ Bodygroom through its paces. The Bodygroom is neat and stylish with a well-built feel to it. It also comes with a stand for quick and easy charging without having to mess around with fiddly leads.

Like a lot of the competition, the Bodygroom is fully waterproof. It employs two cutting methods, the first being two trimmers similar to you would find on an electric face shaver for trimming your sideburns. This allows you to operate it in both an up or down direction which is useful when trying to attack those hard to reach places. These remove the majority of the hair’s length. The second is a foil positioned in-between the two trimmers which remove the short stubble the left behind. A comb attachment is also provided which clips onto the shaver and lets you trim areas such as chest hair to a uniform and tidy length.

We performed two tests on the Bodygroom, one wet and one dry. When using it dry the Bodygroom performs excellently, making light work of trimming and removing that unwanted hair. On the wet test, we found it shaved without any issues but when trimming, the head soon became clogged up with wet hair.

On the down side, Phillips only supply one comb attachment which gives you no choice as to the length you want to trim to. It would have been nice to have a selection of these at various grades. A LED on the shaver would have also been a nice touch so you knew it was seated in the cradle correctly for charging, a penny-pinching omission.


Overall the Bodygroom works very well. At no time did we experience any pulling or nicks and it made light work of my hairy chests and dare I say it, back. Whilst it will never be as good as a waxing session, it provides a pain free alternative at a competitive price.

Writing by Stewart Howl.