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(Pocket-lint) - Philips's new Azur Precise GC4130 steam iron is a revolution in ironing, according to the consumer electronics giant. The company has redesigned the shape of the iron's soleplate and its steam vents. The Careeza soleplate is now more pointed and the Steam Tip introduces steam slots in the soleplate that are elongated to take the powerful, concentrated steam right to the very tip of the iron. This makes it possible for the ironer to reach not only the most difficult parts of a garment, but also the intricate fastenings of such household items as the perennial duvet cover.

Gizmogirl put the new iron to the test - not on duvet covers but on shirts, some with front pockets with small buttons and others with epaulets with even smaller buttons. On all those hard to reach places, the Azur Precise did a good job. It ironed our shirt with epaulets especially well and better than we would expect from an ordinary iron. Where it made little difference was with ironing poorly cut shirts. If your main problem with ironing garments like shirts is laying the sleeves flat, then the Azur Precise won't ease your task.

Philips Azur Precise comes in just the one colour; blue unlike other models in the range which come in aqua blue, light blue, lilac and black. As well as the new soleplate and steam tip, it has a double steam chamber - one for continuous steam of 40g/min and one for a shot of steam at 100g/min. Steam can be used vertically to iron hanging garments and curtains. It is comparatively small and light in weight at just over 1.5kg, which makes it easy to store away. A storage plate is included.

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Good but no revolution

Writing by Debbie Davies.