Latest Parrot gadget reviews

Parrot digital photo frame by Andree Putman
3.0 stars Parrot digital photo frame by Andree Putman By Stuart Miles

Parrot's latest digital photo frame attempts to emulate LG and Samsung by going designer, but is the premium you'll have to pay in the price worth the... Read more

Parrot Driver Bluetooth Headset
3.5 stars Parrot Driver Bluetooth Headset By Stuart Miles

With the "driving with a mobile" ban in its second year and news that vigilantes are taking to the streets slashing tyres of drivers they see on the phone,... Read more

Parrot Photo Viewer
4.5 stars Parrot Photo Viewer By Stuart Miles

Quick question. How often do you view all those images you take on your digital camera? Once, twice, maybe never? Well Parrot believe it has the answer... Read more