They say small things come in small packages and when it comes to the Panasonic SV-SD85 they might just be right.

Smaller than an After 8 Mint and weighing just over 30g, this tiny MP3 player stores all its music onto an SD removable storage card and connects to a PC via a docking station.

SD card is fast becoming the defacto media multi format media storage used in digital cameras, phones, pda’s and even PVR (Personal Video Recording) systems. Like more traditional systems such as MiniDisc or tape, the option to add more cards and therefore memory means that you are never going to run out of space. You get a 64Mb card in the box.

Using the player isn’t difficult either and the player’s buttons and screen are all set out nicely around the player’s dainty frame.

Other nice features of the SV-SD80 is its extremely long battery life - some 18hours - and a mood setting that will allow you to play all the songs in the player that are categorised as pop for example.


For an MP3 player with removable storage this is certainly a good option and rates above Sony’s Network Player in terms of useability purely because the SD card is likely to become a more prevalent format in the coming 12 months. As for the sound quality, the player is very good. It offers different equaliser settings from everything such as extra base to if you are sitting on a train.

The only drawback - it’s so small and so light that you might just forget you’ve got it in your pocket and it isn’t USB2.0 for faster file transfers.