Latest Panasonic gadget reviews

Panasonic ES-RF41 4-blade Wet and Dry shaver hands-on
Panasonic ES-RF41 4-blade Wet and Dry shaver hands-on By Ben Crompton

Currently there seems to be an ever-growing trend to persuade men that they need to spend more time, and indeed hard cash, grooming themselves.Now more than ever men are being exposed to the same marketing that women have had to endure - it is now common... Read more

Panasonic ES-RW30 shaver
4.0 stars Panasonic ES-RW30 shaver By Duncan Geere

Now that the end of Movember is upon us, you're going to need to get rid of that moustache. Panasonic has brought out the ES-RW30 Men's Rechargeable Electric Shaver, and we put it to work on our chin to find out whether it's up to the challenge of erasing... Read more

Panasonic ES8249 Pro-Curve shaver
4.0 stars Panasonic ES8249 Pro-Curve shaver By Chris Haslam

When we think high-tech shavers we generally imagine a Braun or Philips, but can Panasonic’s top of the range wet and dry, the ES8249, cut it with the big boys? From a design point of view the ES8249 ticks many of the right boxes; it’s silver and... Read more

Panasonic Breadmaker SD253
3.5 stars Panasonic Breadmaker SD253 By Debbie Davies

Panasonic's breadmaker leaves little for the aspiring Jamie Oliver to do. As long as you can accurately measure ingredients and press the right buttons, then you can bake an evenly shaped, decent loaf. Once the ingredients are in the bread pan, it's just... Read more

Panasonic NNA873S combination microwave oven
2.5 stars Panasonic NNA873S combination microwave oven By Debbie Davies

Panasonic's combination microwave caught our eye because it promised to bake, roast and grill as well as defrost and reheat. The oven combines the efficiency of a microwave with the traditional browning and roasting of a conventional oven and grill. Panasonic... Read more

Panasonic SL-CT810
3.5 stars Panasonic SL-CT810 By Stuart Miles

While most people are upgrading to hard drive-based MP3 players for their portable music fix, there are a number of people that still want to hold on to the wonders of CD. After all, who hasn’t got a heap of discs sitting at home collecting dust rather... Read more

Panasonic SV-SD85
4.0 stars Panasonic SV-SD85 By Stuart Miles

They say small things come in small packages and when it comes to the Panasonic SV-SD85 they might just be right. Smaller than an After 8 Mint and weighing just over 30g, this tiny MP3 player stores all its music onto an SD removable storage card and... Read more