Latest Mio gadget reviews

Mio MiVue 388 review
4.0 stars Mio MiVue 388 review By Chris Hall

Dashcams leapt into the consciousness of the average driver in the UK following the spectacular meteor shower in Russia in 2013. The clear footage captured... Read more

Mio Navman V575 TV
2.5 stars Mio Navman V575 TV By Paul Lester

Mobile phones have been cutting into the MP3 player market for some time now, and with more and more handhelds offering built-in GPS and car kits to provide... Read more

Mio C620t GPS receiver
4.0 stars Mio C620t GPS receiver By Stuart Miles

Mio's latest satnav solution comes with 3D maps complete with landmarks, but is it just gimmickry or does it actually help your driving? We take to the... Read more

Mio A501 Digi Walker GPS PDA phone
3.5 stars Mio A501 Digi Walker GPS PDA phone By Stuart Miles

The Nokia N95 isn't the only phone that promises, a phone, a camera and a GPS in one device to take with you wherever you go. But can the Mio A501 live... Read more

Mio C520 GPS receiver
4.0 stars Mio C520 GPS receiver By Stuart Miles

Like Garmin and TomTom, Mio have followed the pack and gone widescreen with their latest range of satnav devices, but does the extra width help? We drove... Read more

Mio H610 GPS receiver
4.0 stars Mio H610 GPS receiver By Stuart Miles

Satnav's are so manly aren't they? - Well according to Mio, they are, and so it's taken the satnav out of the car and into the handbag with the Mio H610,... Read more

Mio C250 GPS receiver
4.0 stars Mio C250 GPS receiver By Stuart Miles

Did you find that you got lost over the Christmas break? GPS units are great, but if you're one of these people that don't really drive that much then... Read more

Mio P350 GPS receiver
3.5 stars Mio P350 GPS receiver By Chris Hall

The Mio P350 is the latest GPS enabled PDA from the Mio “DigiWalker” stable. The distinct difference between this model and previous A201 version is... Read more

Mio C510E GPS receiver
4.0 stars Mio C510E GPS receiver By Stuart Miles

The Mio C510E is to the Mio C210 like Arnold Schwarzenegger is to Danny DeVito in the 1988 film comedy Twins. The bigger and more powerful of the two models,... Read more

Mio C210 GPS receiver
3.0 stars Mio C210 GPS receiver By Stuart Miles

As criminals find the urge to steal more GPS units, manufactures are finding the urge to make them smaller, so can Mio's entry-level unit, the C210, which... Read more

Mio A701 GPS mobile phone
4.5 stars Mio A701 GPS mobile phone By Stuart Miles

The trouble with dedicated GPS units is that once you take them away from the car they don’t really offer that much. So what are you options, well you... Read more

Mio A201 GPS
3.5 stars Mio A201 GPS By Stuart Miles

GPS devices are having to evolve if they want to stay in the game and Mio has opted to offer its GPS devices on the back of a Pocket PC device running... Read more

Mio Digiwalker 269 plus
3.0 stars Mio Digiwalker 269 plus By Mike Browne

If there is one technology that is driving handsets sales it is GPS (Global Positioning Systems). While an in-car solution will cost upwards of £2000... Read more

Mio 268
3.5 stars Mio 268 By Stuart Miles

The price of satellite navigation is starting to come down to an affordable level, but does this mean corners are being cut? We put the latest entry-level... Read more

Mitac Mio 168
4.5 stars Mitac Mio 168 By Charlie Brewer

The irrepressible urges of modern day Dr. Frankensteins don't always get channelled into the making of botch-stitched yokel-spookers. At times the blending... Read more