Since the launch of the iPod, every hard drive based MP3 has wanted to ape its design and resulting success. The Creative Zen NX is unfortunately no different. Cased in a - you guessed it - white metal body, everything from the soft carry pouch to the positioning of the large LCD screen is the same. Of course there are slight differences, such as the screen is green not blue and the intuitive slider wheel found on the iPod is also missing.

That aside the Creative Zen NX for a PC based machine - just we have all heard the argument that Mac products are just easier to use - is actually very simple to use. Connection is made via USB2.0 if you got it and the device comes with 30Gb of memory built in. Depending on the chosen format, that should give you about 6,000 - 7,000 songs.

The interface is very simple, all running in a similar folder and directory style to Windows Media Player. Songs can be searched via Album, Artist or everything and creating playlists is also very simple.


For users of the creative range before, this is just the Jukebox re-packaged. That said the smaller more convenient size - it’s about the size of a small novel - will please those who want to fit this inside a jacket pocket. If it wasn’t for the iPod this would be an amicable machine. The trouble is, is you can’t help feeling this just plays second fiddle to the apple’s MP3 player.