When the Creative Jukebox was first released in 2000, it was a big, clumpy heavy thing. Now two years down the line and like mobile phones, Creative has managed to trim this machine down in both size and weight (it is now 107 grams lighter) and the player is now no bigger than a cheap personal CD player.

But it's not just the outside that has seen a change, inside now boasts a 20Gb hard drive capable of holding about 5,000 tracks at 128kbps as well as an increase to 16Mb of DRAM memory to process your requests faster. More importantly, for the first time Creative has also included the iEEE 1394 Firewire standard as well as a USB connector so you can transfer tracks even faster.

Creative has also changed the way the machine is powered and instead of the standard 4 x NiMH rechargeables seen in both the original Jukebox and Jukebox 2, the Jukebox 3 is shipped with one Lithium ion battery with the option to fit one more (sold separately at £39.99).


What all these changes amount to is a machine that has grown considerably from its bold beginnings two years ago. It has adapted to what people want, faster transfer speeds and bigger hard drive space, but not at the cost of size or weight. This is now a very tempting proposition even if you own a Jukebox 1 or 2 and for those wanting an mp3 player that holds more than just a few songs this is the big daddy of them all.

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